Marketing Translation Services

Whether you’re launching your website in European markets or sharing your company’s blog with potential contacts in Asia, it’s vital that your translations speak to the intended audience. Simply translating the words is not enough, as you may end up losing the intent behind them. Similarly, words that are used regularly in one language may be offensive or culturally insensitive in another.

Marketing Translation Services

Proper localisation of marketing content, carried out by people who not only have language expertise, but also local knowledge adds value in any market. Lionbridge has a global team of specialist marketing translators who can help you to share your story and tell people around the world exactly what you want them to hear.

Lionbridge marketing translation services can help to ensure that your localised content is accurate, on brand, and just as engaging as your original content. We provide:

  • Translation technology that simplifies the process
  • Global scale for operational efficiency
  • An extensive network of marketing translators

Translating and localising marketing content is very different from working with technical content and requires a different set of skills. Our marketing translators possess these skills and are dedicated to producing high quality content that is relevant, impactful, and true to the spirit of the original. We can help you to create content that makes real sense to your customers or potential customers, no matter where they are located.

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"Some localisation experts not only adapt web content to cater to national or regional market preferences, but may also recreate or “transcreate” advertising and marketing campaign messaging to maximise cultural appeal"

The Difference Between Translation and Localisation for Multilingual Website Projects [Definitions] 28/07/2015