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When you want to speak to a global audience, it’s important to look beyond the words and consider the message. Transcreation ensures that people in each of your target markets hear exactly what you want them to, with your voice ringing true in multiple languages.

Transcreate your Ideas for Multinational Markets

Tailoring your message to multiple markets and connecting with local audiences is a complex undertaking. Transcreation, or creative translation as it’s sometimes known, involves taking the essence of an idea and adapting it so that it fits the target market. In the process, we take into account contextual issues such as cultural differences and colloquialisms to ensure that there are no potentially embarrassing misunderstandings.

Transcreation is a localisation method that is generally used for creative marketing content that requires a global perspective.

Its twin aims are to create content that:

  • Generates the same emotional response intended in the source language
  • Evokes locally relevant emotional engagement, moving beyond direct translation of the source content

This means that the end product is normally substantially different from the original text, but the essential message remains intact. Through language expertise and a global operating model, Lionbridge can transcreate your content so that it resonates in any language. We can be your single global partner to support all markets, providing guidance on both content strategy and creation.

We can also work closely with your existing creative agencies, in-country teams, and brand managers to ensure continuity throughout the content creation process and across all languages. The transcreated content will be specifically developed by dedicated professionals to ensure that it fits your brief and lets the world know what your business is all about.

Choosing right type of translation

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"Some localisation experts not only adapt web content to cater to national or regional market preferences, but may also recreate or “transcreate” advertising and marketing campaign messaging to maximise cultural appeal"

The Difference Between Translation and Localisation for Multilingual Website Projects [Definitions] 28/07/2015