Legal Translation

Legal matters can involve multiple languages, thousands of documents, and variables ranging from site restrictions to tight filing deadlines. It’s a complex environment to manage with precision and timeliness.

Accurate legal translation services

It’s even more complex when documentation must be translated. To maintain accuracy, your legal translation provider must have both linguistic and legal expertise. Your translator must understand both the intent of the documents and the nuanced legal concepts involved.

Lionbridge offers legal and linguistic solutions for all industries and practice areas in more than 100 languages through our legal division, Geotext Translations. Our reputation precedes us, and we’ve been the deciding agency for disputed translations in many recent litigations.

Our legal translation service model is designed to accommodate high-volume urgent requests at any time. We have full-service production hubs in New York, San Francisco, and London.

With translators working across time zones, we are fully operational 24/7/365. We can begin working on legal translation requests immediately, no matter the local time.

We are also able to perform essential procedures without interruption, ensuring that the translation workflow progresses with maximum efficiency. As a result, we are regularly retained by leading law firms to deliver expedited translation for high-stakes matters across all practice areas.

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