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You’ve invested heavily in your content management system (CMS) to improve your translation process. But is there a simpler way to manage the end-to-end process of translating content into different languages?


Although most CMS platforms do support content in all the languages used on the web, they don’t provide an easy-to-use way to actually manage the whole translation process. That’s where Lionbridge CMS integration comes in.

CMS integration workflow: an overview

Here’s how CMS integration technology works: you want to integrate your marketing, sales, and other customer-facing content directly into your translation provider’s translation management system (TMS).

With Lionbridge’s integration solution, you can submit the content you need translated directly from within your CMS platform. When it’s completed, the translated content is sent straight back to your platform with no need for complex transfer processes.

At Lionbridge, we offer a truly agnostic integration solution for translation. You have the flexibility to:

  • Send content to a variety of resources
  • Connect to any translation provider platforms
  • Split the work between internal and external resources

Overcome complexity and gain control

Our integration technology adds sophisticated capabilities that make it simpler to outsource translation and manage projects.

This is possible through advanced CMS features such as delta management, which allows you to configure the connector so only changed items are exported, not all the content. This lowers costs and turnaround times by reducing the translation word count.

Additionally, using Lionbridge’s CMS connector to integrate your content platform with a translation platform allows you to:

  • Achieve highly automated and streamlined global content workflows that deliver the immediacy, repeatability, and scalability that you need when delivering content to the world
  • Keep the familiar comfort of the tools you know, while becoming part of a larger localisation-specific supply chain and workflow
  • Stay as focused and productive as possible

Reduce costs with our Translation Memory update feature

Translation Memory (TM) technology is a dynamic database system that enables translated text to be reused throughout your website localisation project. This can considerably reduce costs, especially if you have a large website that’s being translated into several languages.

Our TM update feature helps maintain TM version control. All edits are captured and automatically returned to your translation provider.

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