onDemand for Drupal

Easily Translate Content with Lionbridge onDemand for Drupal

Lionbridge onDemand for Drupal is a complete solution for your web content translation needs. Easily translate your content through the preferred module for Drupal – Translation Management Tool – via an integration developed by Acquia directly.

Enjoy the same benefits that Life Fitness does. The global leader in commercial fitness equipment, game tables, and furnishings uses onDemand for Drupal across geographies to ensure brand consistency and eliminate delays as well as manual activity for translation quotes, status updates, file transfers, purchase orders, and invoices.

Lionbridge onDemand for Drupal offers unique benefits:

  • Never miss deadlines again – Submit translations 24/7 from anywhere in the world and automatically receive a system generated delivery date. Lionbridge onDemand consistently delivers early or on-time over 99%+ of time against these commitments.
  • All content types supported – Your website contains multiple file types (html, video, InDesign, etc.) and all are fully supported by onDemand with automated quoting and delivery dates. Other providers must manually inspect multimedia files resulting in delays and higher costs.
  • No hidden fees – The quotes we provide are fixed quotes with no additional charges added after processing.
  • No budget surprises – Automated quotes are provided for every submission and spend against your POs can be tracked in real-time.
  • No technical issues – Our technical support team will engage with your technical team and ensure project success.
  • Support from your global teams – Ensure your brand voice is effectively applied across all content you translate. We work closely with your teams across all languages and geographies to develop linguistic assets that embody your brand voice and ensure consistent application across all content types and sources.

Additional Resources

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How It Works

The process is as simple as opening the Translation Tab, sending content for translation and tracking status for completion all from within Drupal.

1. Select Translation Tab in Drupal

drupal select translation

2. Select content and submit for translation within Drupal

drupal select content

3. Track status of jobs within Drupal

drupal track status