Oracle WebCenter Sites Connector

Oracle WebCenter Sites is a powerful suite of portal, content management, social, and collaboration tools designed to shape customer journeys and create lasting engagement.

Optimised with a WYSIWYG interface, Oracle makes it easy for global marketers and non-technical users to create, edit, and publish rich content across channels. Now, these users can access powerful multilingual management features right inside the platform, with connector technology from Lionbridge.

Lionbridge integration enables multilingual cloud marketing

The Lionbridge Connector streamlines the flow of content between marketers and translation partners, and gives Oracle WebCenter Sites users control at every step. The connector’s open platform design gives users unlimited choice of translation partners. Translation projects of any size can be initiated, monitored, and precisely controlled from within the Oracle Marketing Cloud.

Reduce complexity, increase message relevance and impact, and ensure brand consistency in every market with the Lionbridge Connector for Oracle WebCenter Sites.

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