Transifex is a Localisation Automation Platform built for companies with rapid development cycles. It centralises and streamlines your localisation process.

Transifex’s API and Git-like command-line client enable you to create a continuous localisation workflow. Continuous localisation ensures that new content is always translated and the latest translations are available for each release.

This means faster time-to-market, less strain on engineering, and a better experience for end users.

How it works

Your localisation projects within Transifex will be integrated with your specific onDemand account to create a synchronised, end-to-end localisation workflow.

This integration allows you to receive instant quotes and order professional translations from Lionbridge while maintaining a continuous localisation workflow with Transifex’s API.

When translations are complete, the content will be automatically delivered to your Transifex project and ready for your next deployment.

Key advantages of the Transifex integration:

  • Continuous localisation: Integrating with Transifex creates a localisation workflow that keeps pace with your agile development schedule.
  • Cloud-based central repository: Manage multiple projects from one centralised platform.
  • Translation memory: Each Transifex project has a unique database of completed translations. Each new translation is compared to past translations to provide intelligent suggestions (in real time), so you never have to translate the same content twice.
  • Simplified website localisation: Transifex Live is an innovative way to localise your website in-context with one snippet of Javascript.

Lionbridge onDemand

Lionbridge is the world’s largest language services provider offering industry-leading professional translation and localisation services. We help organisations achieve international success through exceptional customer service, providing them with the most advanced technology solutions available, and by having the industry’s largest and most sophisticated network of professional translators.

Lionbridge’s unique client specific OnDemand Portal is a secure, one-stop web portal that enables users across global organisations to instantly quote, upload content, and complete a wide variety of translation projects without additional administrative, sales, or technical support.

Read the Transifex solution brief to learn more.

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