Consulting Offerings

Even incremental improvements to process, testing, and automation can lead to greater results. Especially in global organisations looking to grow in current markets or enter new ones.

Uncovering real innovation and improvement demands a partner with global technology experience and cross-industry perspectives. At Lionbridge, our experienced consultants can bring a fresh set of eyes to your processes and help find insights that can save money and accelerate time-to-market. We’ll guide you through: 

  • Process consulting: What are the obstacles to and opportunities for making your processes more efficient? Learn how to improve product development to make your team more agile and innovative.
  • Test strategy: Are you testing the right things in the right ways? Build a strategy that aligns with your organisational goals.
  • Automation assessment: What should you automate and how should you do it? Make sure you automate smartly and strategically with effective tools and scripts. 

Learn more about how Lionbridge can help you identify opportunities for improvement and determine the best ways to deliver them.

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How to Create a Translation Style Guide and Terminology Glossary

"But in the global marketplace, translation style guides and terminology glossaries are high-value tools that go beyond helping your team create great content."

How to Create a Translation Style Guide and Terminology Glossary 04/11/2016