GeoFluent Interpretation Services can provide any type of interpretation, including phone, remote video, and on-site.

Phone Interpreting

Do you need backup for your internal bilingual staff or a way to communicate with stakeholders that don’t speak your staff’s primary language(s)? The GeoFluent Interpreter™ telephone intepreting service bridges language gaps to enable effective multilingual communications. It also improves the customer's experience by making interactions faster and more efficient while using less customer service representative time – resulting in better customer experience (CX) at a lower cost.

Lionbridge is one of the largest telephone interpreting companies in the world and trusted by healthcare, insurance, financial services, technology, manufacturing, and government clients ranging from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and Kemper Insurance to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Symantec.

Clients benefit from GeoFluent Interpreter’s™:

  • Support for 350+ languages & dialects available 24x7x365 with no monthly minimums required – pay only for time used
  • State-of-the-art telephony platform delivering connection times ranging from 15 seconds on average for common languages like Spanish to 30 seconds on average across all languages
  • Highest levels of network security and telephone intepreting quality
  • Automated alerting to increase interpreter resources in seconds to support changes in interpretation volume
  • Dedicated customer success managers that understand your organisation and its unique needs
  • Real-time dashboards and reporting that provide detailed insight into key performance metrics

GeoFluent Interpreter™ is part of the GeoFluent Omni-Channel™ solution that eliminates language barriers across any communications channel, including voice, digital channels. GeoFluent Omni-Channel is powered by the GeoFluent Virtual Linguist™, an artificial intelligence-based core that is customised and trained specifically for each client. The Virtual Linguist ensures multilingual consistency and accuracy across languages, channels, and use cases while understanding the context and unique brand terms, acronyms, and speech of each client.


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Telephone Interpreting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: What are your connection times?

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GeoFluent Interpreter™ On-Site Interpretation Services

GeoFluent Interpreter On-Site Interpretation Services include both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation styles.

In consecutive interpretation, the interpreter speaks after the source-language speaker has finished speaking. This divides the speech into segments. Simultaneous interpretation requires the use of equipment; the interpreter wears a headset and sits in a booth, speaking into a microphone to convey the message of the source-language speaker in real time. Participants wear headphones in the audience to hear the interpreter.

Whether consecutive or simultaneous, GeoFluent Interpreter On-Site Interpretation Services bridges language gaps to enable effective multilingual communications and better experiences. Our combination of highly specialised and skilled interpreters, complete event management, equipment services, and cutting-edge conference technology provide expert interpretation services on-site in conference centres and boardrooms across the globe.

Every GeoFluent Interpreter On-Site Interpretation Services client has a dedicated customer success manager that understands their organisation and its unique needs. This dedicated resource will handle every detail of the program, from hand-selecting interpreters, arranging equipment assistance, to working directly with meeting and conference venues to ensure success.

Lionbridge has over 30 years of extensive interpretation experience across all industries, including healthcare, insurance, financial services, technology, manufacturing, and government. Our diverse language mix and large network of interpreters ensure that quality interpretation service can be provided worldwide.

GeoFluent Video Remote Interpretation

Lionbridge provides on-demand Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) across major languages, as well as for Sign Language.

The VRI service connects users to qualified and experienced interpreters via a cloud-based app accessible by any internet-enabled PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablet.

Lionbridge’s VRI enables a face to face interaction without having the interpreter present. The solution is staffed by our network of professional interpreters who will appear professional in speech and appearance.

Video Remote Interpretation  Video Remote Interpreter

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