You know that your content works well in your own language, but what about the localised versions? How well is it going down in other countries? Is the translation provider you hired spot on? Or are they missing the point?

Ensure language quality and accuracy

Translating and localising content for global markets is never an easy task. Even if you are fluent in more than one language, meaning can often be lost in translation. So it’s difficult to know if the job has been done correctly. That’s why it’s helpful to have a third party who can not only review content from a linguistic perspective, but also evaluate the actual translation process.

You might find that the linguistic quality is below expectations. Or that the process could be more efficient. Is the translator simply doing a word-for-word translation or does it make sense in the real world? At the very least, having an impartial eye on the work can help your bottom line by ensuring that your translations have impact.

Lionbridge Language Quality Services is an independent auditor of language services that can objectively assess the quality of your localised content. Linguistic quality assurance (LQA) is not tied to any of Lionbridge’s other services, so we can offer impartial advice and analysis of your translation and localisation provider’s work.

We deploy the same model for QA across the globe, so every project is subject to the same thorough process, looking at issues such as accuracy, terminology, and style. We always take into account the intent behind the content, rather than just the technicalities, and can tailor our linguistic review and validation process to meet your exact requirements. We understand that even though different countries or regions may speak the same language, each will have its own subtle differences, and the key to effective communication is to capture these nuances.

Our capabilities include:

  • Validation of over 100 languages
  • Over 500 in-country validators
  • Over 300 subject matter experts
  • Delivery hubs in Brazil, China, France, India, Ireland, and Poland
  • Integration with existing language-related technologies
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