Lionbridge Highlights Portfolio of Secure Machine Translation Solutions for Global Enterprises

Hundreds of Global Clients Rely on Lionbridge for MT-enabled Translation Services to Speed Time to Market, Unlock Untranslated Content and Reduce Costs

WALTHAM, Mass. – September 21, 2017 – Lionbridge Technologies, Inc., the world’s most trusted translation and digital communications company, today highlighted its portfolio of Machine Translation (MT) Solutions. Tailored to each client’s individual requirements, Lionbridge Machine Translation solutions feature:

  • A secure, enterprise-scale platform for managing and storing all language assets to ensure the highest levels of data security and privacy
  • Proprietary customization technology that normalizes source data to produce higher-quality output
  • Easy integration into clients’ existing platforms and applications, including content management systems, marketing applications, customer care platforms, chat applications and websites
  • Seamless integration with many language management technologies
  • A suite of post-editing services with access to the largest network of pre-qualified post-editors in the industry
  • Customized solutions that deliver each clients’ desired results for turnaround time, quality, local relevance and brand integrity
  • A dedicated team of MT experts able to iteratively improve quality of output with proper and consistent training of MT systems

Lionbridge has deployed MT-enabled solutions for clients for over 15 years and has more than 1400 active MT deployments for clients across all sectors including technology, automotive, consumer, healthcare and financial services. The Company uses the industry’s most advanced platforms and technologies, including Neural MT, providing powerful results for enterprises worldwide.

“Lionbridge has been able structure a Lenovo-unique implementation that enables us to use machine translation with human editing for a number of our languages, which saves cost as compared with human translation. More importantly, through its combination of technology and services, Lionbridge has consistently maintained our quality-score threshold for each language and exceeded our 99% on-time-delivery target,” said Keith A. Vicek, Senior Software Engineer/Worldwide Information Development Strategy, Lenovo International.

Lionbridge Enterprise Machine Translation Services

Lionbridge provides customized enterprise MT solutions tailored for each clients’ needs for turn-around time and accuracy. Lionbridge’s MT solutions include options for unsupervised MT, light post-editing, focused post-editing and full post-editing. Lionbridge teams work closely with clients to identify the most appropriate MT technology, customize the MT system to reflect the customer’s use of language and deploy a complete solution, including integration with clients’ content systems and other applications.

Lionbridge’s Enterprise Machine Translation solutions ensure high levels of data security:

  • Customer content can be encrypted, both in transit to/from the customer and, when applicable, to/from industry-standard MT engines
  • Content at rest is able to live in Lionbridge’s secure data centers in the US or Europe
  • Content is never treated in a way that it can be indexed or cached by search engines
  • In addition to baseline data security, a fully audited and documented access controls applies to everything from application roles and permissions up through data center physical access
  • When content contains particularly sensitive information (PII or PHI), Lionbridge masks the sensitive content to ensure added data security

“All global enterprises need to communicate with and engage target audiences with compelling, relevant and timely content. When applied as part of a secure, customized, professional translation solution, MT can drive powerful results by unlocking valuable communications that were previously not able to be translated,” said John Fennelly, CEO, Lionbridge. “We are proud to deliver MT-enabled solutions that hundreds of global brands rely on every day to engage and communicate globally.”

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