Lionbridge Integrates GeoFluent® Machine Translation with Zendesk Customer Service Platform to Deliver Real-time Multilingual Online Support

GeoFluent by Lionbridge brings fast, quality translation to thousands of Zendesk customers to simplify and expedite multilingual customer support ticketing

WALTHAM, Mass., – June 04, 2015 — Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: LIOX) today announced that GeoFluent® by Lionbridge is now available via the Zendesk cloud-based customer service platform. GeoFluent is the industry’s only cloud-based, real-time translation platform. By integrating GeoFluent with the Zendesk customer service platform, Lionbridge brings fast, quality translation in multiple languages to thousands of Zendesk customers and simplifies and expedites multilingual customer support ticketing.

Quicker time to resolution has been shown to increase international revenue, reduce in-country infrastructure, support costs, and build customer satisfaction. GeoFluent by Lionbridge addresses time to resolution by allowing customer service representatives to instantly translate communications into multiple languages.

“Companies are shifting to manage global customer support centrally through online systems like Zendesk,” said Lionbridge SVP and GM of Global Offerings, Marc Osofsky. “GeoFluent integrated with Zendesk solves the language challenge of real-time response across 40 languages while eliminating the need for costly in-country contact centers.”

Zendesk is a leading cloud-based customer service software company designed to bring organizations and their customers closer together. With more than 57,000 paid customer accounts, Zendesk is used by organizations in 150 countries and territories to provide support in more than 40 languages.

The new Zendesk integration with GeoFluent by Lionbridge makes it possible to:

  • Reduce costs and time associated with supporting customers across languages and geographies.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by enabling customer support agents to instantly translate Zendesk messages in real-time for both the customer or site visitor and the customer service agent.
  • Support more than 40 languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, and Japanese.

The new capabilities are immediately available for both Lionbridge and Zendesk customers. For additional details, please visit

About GeoFluent by Lionbridge

GeoFluent by Lionbridge is a real-time translation technology that provides an additional configuration layer to enable state of-the-art real-time conversations and content sharing with users who speak, read, and write different languages. With cost-effective, real-time translation, global businesses or organizations with multi-lingual customer bases can broaden reach, unlock new revenue opportunities, strengthen customer loyalty and reduce customer support time and costs regardless of language, location or device.

Key features include:

  • Customization to enable global brand consistency and to ensure high quality automated translation.
  • Integration to seamlessly embed real time translation with the Zendesk platform.
  • Security to ensure that sensitive content is maintained in a secure, private workspace.
  • Normalization to identify branded terms, industry lexicon, slang, typos and communication shortcuts common in mobile device interactions, resulting in higher quality translation.
  • Iterative process improvement methodology to address translation quality.

Geofluent is a registered trademark of Lionbridge Technologies, Inc.

About Lionbridge

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