Vice President of Software Engineering, Lionbridge

Karen’s main area of expertise is managing the development and testing of software products. Having begun her career in the software industry more than 20 years ago, she has developed, tested, and released software products as an individual contributor.

Over the past 10 years Karen chose the management path to become vice president. During that time, she has employed several software development methodologies (waterfall, agile, Kanban) and technologies (Microsoft, Linux, Java, C#, and C++).

But her software engineering passion is quality assurance (QA or testing). Indeed, she believes that a good software QA person puts their professional reputation on the line with each new product or feature. According to Karen, “There is an art to determining how much testing is needed—and how fast it can be completed through automation and/or manual testers to deliver a quality product to our customers.”

She also has extensive previous experience with several global technology companies, where she was responsible for creating software security products, SAAS solutions for HR and time management, and business process software. Karen joined Lionbridge in October of 2010.

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Karen Hutchinson