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For banks and asset managers, balancing effective customer experience and regulatory compliance has always been a complex task. But with the rapid digitalization of customer and investor communication channels, the challenge has become greater than ever.

Secure and accurate financial translation services

To strike the right balance, multilingual customer communications must be personalized, accurate, and secure. This requires a financial translation partner with strict quality controls, data security, and an understanding of the nuances of the banking and financial services sector.

With over 20 years’ experience in the banking and financial services sector, Lionbridge has developed the expertise to deliver effective, precise communications to your customers.

Our language professionals understand the regulatory constraints impacting your communications and the intense quality focus they require. Additionally, our financial translation services meet strict data security requirements through our rigorous technical infrastructure.

We have offices in the world’s financial hubs, and we work with the financial documents of multinational companies every day. We help with a wide range of documentation across all aspects of the financial sector, including:

  • Digital web and mobile content
  • Discretionary marketing collateral (sales aids, product factsheets, brochures, etc.)
  • Financial reports (annual and quarterly reporting) and other regulatory materials (e.g. key investor documents)
  • Investment, performance and market reports, equity and bond research
  • Thought leadership and specialist articles
  • Banking software

Rely on Lionbridge as your financial translator to provide scalable, end-to-end solutions for communicating with your local markets worldwide. Like you, we are experts in the financial industry and can help you with any component of your communications process.

case study

Banking and Finance Overview: Case Study


One of the world’s largest global financial firms produces a variety of internal and external documents for its offices and markets around the world. These need to be edited and translated into a wide variety of languages—quickly and accurately.

As well as providing translations, we assigned experienced editors to work temporarily on-site at the client’s premises. As well as ensuring high-quality communications, providing on-demand support in this way helps the firm to manage fixed costs.

The direct interface between Lionbridge and the firm makes it easier to manage the vast number of files and tasks. And as Lionbridge has offices in Europe, North America and Asia, the two companies stay linked 24 hours a day across different time zones.

  • The firm has access to our wide-ranging skills and expertise across translation and editorial services
  • Lionbridge acts as a flexible addition to the firm’s team, without adding fixed costs
  • The firm is able to rely on a professional project management service at the local level
  • Technology-based language solutions help boost the firm’s efficiency

“We need a full-service provider to translate performance and market reports, but their knowledge of corporate financing and investment has to be as strong as their translation capabilities.”

In corporate and investment banking, accuracy, efficiency, and security are essential to meeting regulatory requirements and providing effective multilingual communications. For translation, you need a partner with linguistic expertise and deep financial know-how.

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“I need to translate key information documents so they comply with EU regulations and follow plain language requirements in 15 languages.”

Regulatory documents need to be handled accurately and efficiently—with attention to detail and a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

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“I need someone who can help me prepare all my fund report marketing and communications material.”

Your translated communications with clients and shareholders in the investment fund industry need to be secure, accurate, and compliant. And you need to engage with your audience across channels, devices, and geographies.

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case study

Investment Funds: Case Study


A large European bank provides analyst reports on a wide range of companies to its institutional investors and private clients. The reports arrive in German and, early every morning, need to be translated into English.

The job has very high report volumes, fast turnaround times, and complex technical financial language.

We assembled a team of 15 translators who specialize in financial reporting to handle the high volume and tight deadlines. We also used our integration technology to directly connect to the bank’s document management system. This efficient workflow system enables successful project completion.

In addition, we assigned a dedicated project manager who oversees all aspects of the project, from delegation of translation services and file transfer, to client communication and final translation delivery.

The bank completely relies on Lionbridge to take care of its daily translation projects. It trusts our linguistic and financial expertise. And we deliver on time every day—before the stock exchanges even open.

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