Your translated communications with clients and shareholders in the investment fund industry need to be secure, accurate, and compliant. And you need to engage with your audience across channels, devices, and geographies.

Translation services for investment funds

At Lionbridge, our language professionals have years of experience writing, editing, and translating fund reports and marketing materials. Our teams can help you with a wide range of projects, including: 

  • Digital content
  • Performance reports
  • Brochures, presentations, and after-sales material
  • Background articles for in-house or third-party publications
  • Fund prospectuses
  • Financial statements
  • Notices to shareholders, articles of incorporation

We have the language expertise, data security, and financial experience to help you with any type of material.

case study

Investment Funds: Case Study


A large European bank provides analyst reports on a wide range of companies to its institutional investors and private clients. The reports arrive in German and, early every morning, need to be translated into English.

The job has very high report volumes, fast turnaround times, and complex technical financial language.

We assembled a team of 15 translators who specialize in financial reporting to handle the high volume and tight deadlines. We also used our integration technology to directly connect to the bank’s document management system. This efficient workflow system enables successful project completion.

In addition, we assigned a dedicated project manager who oversees all aspects of the project, from delegation of translation services and file transfer, to client communication and final translation delivery.

The bank completely relies on Lionbridge to take care of its daily translation projects. It trusts our linguistic and financial expertise. And we deliver on time every day—before the stock exchanges even open.

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