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Global consumers today demand real-time, seamless support interactions across a growing number of channels and languages. But delivering on these customer experience expectations can be costly. That’s why global brands are embracing a new generation of language technologies to bridge the gap.

Efficient and cost-effective global customer care solutions

According to research from the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI):

  • 79% of contact centers have customers who are not native speakers of the primary language(s) that they serve
  • At least 60% of customers expect service in their native language when contacting a brand
  • 52% of contact centers expect their volume of non-primary language communications to increase over the next three years

Despite this, ICMI found that the number one way contact centers provide service to customers that speak an unsupported language is to “simply apologize and attempt to handle in the agent’s primary language.” In an industry built around customer satisfaction and experience, ignoring consumer preferences while increasing customer effort isn’t an effective strategy.

Lionbridge can help your contact centers provide omni-lingual support to increase customer satisfaction at a fraction of the cost of traditional multilingual strategies. Our primary solution is GeoFluent, a real-time translation solution built specifically for contact centers. It allows you to communicate with consumers in any language across any channel. 

GeoFluent is different from straight machine translation in that it:

  • Plugs into your existing chat, email, helpdesk, and other communications
  • Employs a patented linguistic layer to provide the highest levels of translation quality
  • Spans the omni-channel from voice and chat to email, mobile, website, social, and more

By using GeoFluent, you can:

  • Improve customer experience (CX) across markets and channels by eliminating language as a communications barrier
  • Reduce costs by enabling an omni-lingual self-service option to deflect inbound calls, decreasing the need to staff across all languages
  • Minimize complexity and risk with standardized service and compliance across languages
  • Preserve global brand consistency by using a glossary to ensure accurate representation of trademarks, product names, and brand elements in every language

Consider also how important customer care is when you’re running global marketing campaigns to acquire new customers. Or translating websites to communicate in local languages. After doing all that, how do you support those clients? 

Learn more about how Lionbridge Customer Care solutions can help you optimize the experience for your entire global customer base.

Featured Customer
GeoFluent Powers Omni-Lingual Chat at RCI

“The impacts have been significant, including increased customer satisfaction and reduced customer effort, coupled with increased call deflection and not having to hire as many multi-lingual agents. This combination makes GeoFluent a great fit for RCI and our members.”

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Keith Lodewyk
Customer Care Team Lead, RCI
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"Companies need to support their customers’ languages across the omni-channel. It’s a low-risk, high-return path to transforming customer care and differentiating your brand."

Now You’re Talking: How to Use Language to Deliver a Stellar Customer Experience 2/4/2016

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