Lionbridge translates content for SIEMENS Gamesa into over 35 languages efficiently, and with high quality.

Lionbridge cut translation costs by 40%.

Lionbridge provides quality translations for over 35 languages, and is a key partner in SIEMENS Gamesa’s go-to-market localization strategy.

SIEMENS Gamesa Renewable Energy was created from the merger of Gamesa and Siemens Wind Power; two leading renewable energy operators striving to foster cleaner, safer and more accessible wind power.

Today, SIEMENS Gamesa offers customers a vast portfolio of wind products available in over 90 countries. Siemens Gamesa relies on the proactive professionals at Lionbridge for the success of its brand, and Lionbridge has successfully cut SIEMENS Gamesa’s translation costs by 40%.

Both companies were leaders in two different business areas: Offshore and Onshore wind turbines. The SIEMENS Wind Power and Gamesa merger has created a company with the largest global presence in this industry. This has resulted in a significant change to its translation needs given the higher volume of content to be translated.

Lionbridge is a key partner, offering a highly efficient service translating over 17 million words a year for SIEMENS Gamesa.

Working with Lionbridge means we’re able to access technical and technological capabilities which go way beyond just managing our translations. We can also count on a team of professionals who help manage complex translation projects.

Carolina Razquin

Carolina Razquin

Translation Manager at SIEMENS Gamesa

The current translation team, with Lionbridge’s support, is able to efficiently resolve any problem which arises.

Eduardo Moral

Eduardo Moral

Service Development Head at SIEMENS Gamesa