With an efficient and agile process, Lionbridge enables SkiStar to improve global customer experience by communicating with consumers in their native language across digital channels.

How Lionbridge helps SkiStar communicate and build relationships with customers across borders:

Lionbridge’s localization technology and efficient processes help our clients manage large volumes of translation with ease while lowering costs.

SkiStar wished to streamline their global digital presence with translation to improve customer experience on their corporate website and online store. Partnering with Lionbridge allows SkiStar to connect translations directly with their Content Management System (CMS), EpiServer. Lionbridge also enables SkiStar to use their Project Information Management (PIM) system, inRiver, where SkiStar controls product information for store location and online provisions.

Prior to Lionbridge, SkiStar had to export their data and forward it to a translator. SkiStar team members manually imported files to their inRiver and EpiServer systems. With the introduction of the Lionbridge translation connector this process became seamless and automated.

Our solution has greatly reduced the number of hours SkiStar’s content team spends on translation management. This partnership has also dramatically lowered the translation cost per word. As a result, SkiStar has reduced website translation costs by 60% in one year using Lionbridge’s localization solution.


For us, speed is key. Our business is seasonal and information changes radically a few times a year. We needed a partner that could keep up with our large quantities of product data and short time frames and deliver quality translation.

Joakim Landgård

Joakim Landgård
E-Commerce Manager

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SkiStar partners with Lionbridge to engage with their global customer base, creating an immersive, engaging digital experience for their brand in all languages.