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Is your organization overwhelmed by the localization process? Do your project stakeholders spend more time sending never ending emails, making phone calls and using outdated File Transfer Systems? With so much confusing, conflicting and outdated information, teams become disorientated to placing the right version of content to the right project leading to lag time in project execution and an overrun-on on cost.

At its core, the Freeway Translation Enablement Platform has been designed to take the inefficiency, complexity and manual repetitive tasks from the localization process. Freeway is a real-time, cloud platform that automates translation tasks and simplifies the localization process.

With Freeway, your organization can expect:

  • Zero Upfront Costs
  • Zero Total Cost of Ownership (excluding integration)
  • Exponential ROI
  • Scale from 2 – 2,000 users on one platform
  • Centralize all translation spend into one platform

Automate your translation workflow and simplify the content localization process with Freeway translation technology.

Managing translations for global content can be a difficult process

The Freeway Translation Platform from Lionbridge solves this problem with a robust, no-cost cloud platform that is customized to meet your organization’s translation and localization needs. 

Designed to make end-to-end global content management fast and easy, the Freeway platform features seamless connectivity to your company’s source systems and business applications. It provides real-time monitoring, automated quality assurance, and full integration with the Lionbridge’s best-in-class global translator network.

The result is an accessible, efficient, high-quality translation solution that grows with your business.

case study

How Freeway drives translation efficiencies for our CRO client’s 70+ global offices


In order to meet the evolving operational requirements of global clinical trials, the CRO identified the need to improve its translation service offering.

Improvements to translation scope, scale, and quality—delivered through a consistent and efficient process—would be key to furthering its clinical performance across diverse therapeutic areas, study phases, and regions.

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Lionbridge met the CRO’s sense of urgency and multiple challenges with a six-point quick-start implementation based on:

  • Discovery: comprehensive due diligence of customer requirements, current processes, work scope specifications by region and content type
  • On-boarding: scalable on-boarding deployment directly tied to quantifiable business goals, reproducible best practices, and priority market roll-out
  • Pilot program: pilot market initiative to leverage early insights and fine-tune translation processes and workflows
  • Program management: centralized program management and translation technology solutions with regional project management enabling strategically-guided worldwide activity
  • Translation resources: scalable translation resources spanning 300+ language combinations and dialects, with on-demand access to Lionbridge SME’s
  • Data: continual metrics reporting with real-time monitoring to allow data-driven decision making

By leveraging the power of our Freeway translation platform, this CRO has accelerated its global clinical trial translation process. Freeway acts as the backbone of this process, enabling teams in 70+ global offices to easily manage translations with increased quality, efficiency, and cost savings.

  • Quality: 99% error-free on-time deliveries
  • Efficiencies: Scalable productivity: 14m words, 100 language combinations, 700 projects in year 1; 10x project volume in year 2
  • Cost Savings: 30% savings on internal labor costs from streamlined processes and standardized procedures
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