A customized translation and interpretation solution for increased communication across the enterprise

GeoFluent™ is a SaaS-based real-time translation and interpretation solution that enables contact centers, service desks, governments, and global organizations to eliminate language barriers between their customers, prospects, partners, distributors, and employees.

Across channels and languages, GeoFluent enables more effective communications and increases CX without having to hire bilingual staff or use multiple language services providers.

How our clients use GeoFluent

Contact Centers

GeoFluent allows organizations to provide multilingual support across communications channels at a fraction of the cost of hiring bilingual agents.

Your customers expect service in their native language. GeoFluent enables you to improve CX, reduce customer effort, and deflect costly inbound calls.

Enterprise Service Management

GeoFluent empowers organizations to provide multilingual helpdesk and service management support at a fraction of the cost of hiring bilingual staff. This enables you to accelerate issue resolution while increasing employee and partner productivity.

Enterprise Communication & Collaboration

Enterprise Communication & Collaboration solutions, including interactive forums, team collaboration, Instant Messaging, and email solutions, allow employees, customers, and partners to work better together. GeoFluent multilingual enables these solutions, leading to more effective and timely dissemination of information across the enterprise. This results in better employee engagement and more efficient teams.

GeoFluent: three modules, one complete integrated solution

GeoFluent is comprised of three modules that serve each area of your multilingual needs: GeoFluent Virtual Translator™, GeoFluent Interpreter™, and GeoFluent Translate™

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The benefits of the complete GeoFluent solution


The three GeoFluent modules enable organizations to provide complete geographic linguistic coverage across the enterprise. GeoFluent breaks down the language barrier and promotes effective communication, no matter the language, channel, or platform.

Omni-channel support

GeoFluent delivers multilingual capabilities across the entire omni-channel, including voice, chat, video, email, ticketing, forums, virtual assistants, and more.

High-quality, real-time translation

Each GeoFluent module is powered by the GeoFluent Virtual Linguist™, an artificial intelligence-based core that is customized and trained specifically for each client, ensuring multilingual consistency and accuracy across languages, channels, and use cases while understanding the context and unique brand terms, acronyms, and speak.


GeoFluent plugs into existing platforms to increase ROI: pre-built integrations exist with leading applications including Genesys, Jive, Lithium, LivePerson, LogMeIn, Microsoft, Moxie, Salesforce (visit the AppExchange), ServiceNow (visit the Store), Zendesk, and Zimbra. GeoFluent also has an open API for further integration possibilities.

Videos: See GeoFluent Virtual Translator in Action

Leverage GeoFluent Virtual Translator’s pre-built integration’s to leading contact center, enterprise service management, and enterprise communications and collaboration communications platforms.

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