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International Content: Monetizing Global Content Assets and Measuring Success

Based on a survey of global businesses, and a series of interviews with senior executives working for international organizations, this report looks at the role that a global content strategy plays in helping companies to expand their international brand footprint, while simultaneously seeking to improve the customer experience and increase their revenues.

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Econsultancy Lionbridge Report International Content 2017

Creating content that will engage the right audience in the right way and meet your business objectives is hard enough in one market. It’s even more difficult to produce content on a global scale for multiple audiences and cultures.

Create Relevant Global Content In Any Language

To produce impactful content, you need a strategy for the whole process: audience, message, channels, and business objectives.

Then you have to learn how to produce, manage, promote, and measure content. Most importantly, you have to do it with cost efficiency and brand integrity underlying the whole process.

If you use different agencies for campaigns, they’ll need to invest resources in recreating similar content. This can result in ineffective campaigns, minimal audience engagement, a lack of brand control, and higher costs.

These challenges increase when you need to create content globally.

Scale your global content strategy

At Lionbridge, we have the global reach and proven experience to handle your entire content delivery process across multiple markets. We can help you produce content nuanced for individual international markets that maintains core messaging and protects brand integrity.

Our global content services give you control over what can be an unwieldy process. We can:

  • Examine the global content needs of your organization, provide recommendations on future direction and strategy, and then execute on that strategy at a tactical level
  • Deploy content strategists, content creators, designers, copy writers, multimedia engineers and project managers to deliver content to a target audience
  • Collaborate with clients and their agencies to conceptualize, create, deliver, and measure content globally across multiple capabilities
  • Measure against stated goals and KPIs and the strategy for future projects or campaigns and adjust according to analysis of the data

With a full suite of content delivery services, Lionbridge provides a single point of contact for global campaign operations, either as a standalone service or embedded within a global campaign project with a single production owner.

case study

Global Content Services: Case Study


A multinational computer data storage company has a content division that depends on 100+ partners for vertical solutions. The problem was, all the joint messaging was inconsistent and there wasn’t any workflow planning. Our client decided they wanted a comprehensive program to edit, author, and deploy joint content. The challenge was to do it so that the enterprise audience trusted it 100%.

We helped create a central repository and single workflow for the 100+ partners, established protocols for all the joint materials, and even authored/edited nearly all the content in the new portal. Not only that, we:

  • Created or sourced all graphics to ensure consistency
  • Ghostwrote content
  • Coordinated live demos
  • Produced videos and solution overviews

The client was very satisfied. They now had reliable, consistent content on their new portal, a substantial increase in web traffic on many of its channels, and, best of all, a significant uptick in sales.

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