Content in the legal industry only continues to grow, adding burdensome challenges for any firms that require integrated, high-quality translation services. Firms large and small often don’t have the resources or bandwidth to keep pace.

Meet the multilingual needs of your legal organization

International transactions and commerce have fueled the need for specialized legal translation services, from patent translation, to support for e-discovery in complex litigation, to translation of commercial contracts. The complexity of these materials demands a partner with language expertise as well as legal experience. 

At Lionbridge, we offer multiple solutions for the legal industry. We are a trusted provider to lawyers at more than 700 organizations, from Global 100 law firms and prominent financial institutions to leading pharmaceutical, technology, and manufacturing companies. 

Through our Geotext Translation division, you’ll receive comprehensive solutions for complex legal matters such as: 

  • Legal disputes and investigations 
  • Arbitrations 
  • M&A and antitrust matters 
  • Employment law 
  • Regulatory compliance 

Additionally, our onDemand portal provides efficient, accurate translations for non-regulated legal content.

Offering 24/7/365 support from production hubs in London, New York, and San Francisco, we provide expertise in all sectors and practice areas and have assisted with several of the largest legal matters ever undertaken.

case study

Legal: Case Study


One of the world’s largest chemical companies needed a new vendor to help them with a major trade secret litigation involving a Korean company. The legal translations provided by their previous vendor were often late and lacked the quality required for such an important legal proceeding.

During the pre-trial phase of the litigation, the client chose Geotext to review all previously translated content. They then gave us full translation responsibilities for the remainder of the proceedings. We edited the translations provided by their previous vendor, bringing the work product up to the requisite level of quality, and certified more than 1 million words of Korean-to-English documents for use as exhibits during the trial. In conjunction with their outside counsel, we provided the client with continuous, 24/7 support to ensure that the translation workflow progressed with maximum efficiency throughout the course of the litigation.

The jury for this case ruled in favor of our client, awarding them one of the largest damages ever recorded in defense of intellectual property. In fact, we were subsequently contacted by the opposing counsel to provide translation services on their behalf for future unrelated matters.

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