Lionbridge and Oracle Marketing Cloud

Global marketers get greater efficiency and value from the Oracle Marketing Cloud with integrated apps from Lionbridge. Our connector technology makes creating, publishing, and managing cross-channel multilingual content easy and intuitive for marketers, agency partners, and translators.

Automating the multilingual campaign processes within Oracle Eloqua enables marketers to streamline their workflows, speed time to market, and deliver consistent and relevant global customer experiences.

Lionbridge is proud to be an Oracle Gold Partner, and an Oracle Marketing AppCloud Partner, reflecting our in-depth product knowledge, technical experience, and global customer commitment.

Lionbridge App for Oracle Eloqua

Marketing Automation, from Oracle Eloqua, makes personalized experiences possible on a global scale by putting contact data, campaign assets, analytics and more at users’ fingertips. Now, with the Lionbridge App for Oracle Eloqua, automating the translation and localization process are added to Oracle Eloqua’s rich feature set.

With the Lionbridge App for Oracle Eloqua, you can select assets or whole campaigns and initiate the translation and localization process. Marketers will be able to send, monitor, and retrieve content to and from any translation destination, right from within Oracle Eloqua. Translated content is automatically reimported, where it can be reviewed, revised, rejected, or published.

Dramatically reduce the effort required to create and deploy multilingual campaigns on a global scale with the Lionbridge App for Oracle Eloqua.

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Solution Brief: Lionbridge App for Oracle Eloqua

The Lionbridge App for Oracle Eloqua allows marketers to simplify the creation and management of multilingual campaigns and assets and drive greater revenue from global markets.

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