Lionbridge for Sitecore


The Lionbridge Connector for Sitecore allows marketers to easily translate web content without ever leaving the familiar UI of their WCMS. Our integration with Sitecore helps solve the multilingual content challenge by automating the movement of content between Sitecore and Lionbridge’s translation technology.

Making the overwhelming manageable through automation:

  • Fully automate the movement of content for translation without ever leaving the Sitecore interface
  • Reduce time to market and productivity
  • Ensure brand consistency
  • Track where your jobs are in the translation process
  • Reduce human error
Lionbridge Approach

Through technology and services, Lionbridge enabled Thule to scale globally by localizing content in a flexible and timely manner with minimum man power along with leveraging strategic global SEO to increase website traffic and, ultimately, sales.

The Results:

  • The solution has enabled Thule to create a central platform and manage all digital content for 81 markets in 24 languages.
  • Facilitate the translation process and effectively translate large volumes of content on a global scale with speed,
  • Increase traction for Thule as a key player in the growing active lifestyle space.
Lionbridge Automation
Watch the Case Study to learn how Lionbridge
helped Thule streamline their globalization process.

Lionbridge & Sitecore Partnership

Lionbridge has a long-standing partnership with Sitecore as a platinum Partner. Contact us if you’d like to see a live demo of the platform.

Combining Automation with Professional Translation and Localization Services

Whether you need to reach consumers worldwide, communicate internally with a global workforce, or collaborate with international partners, translation and localization services are a critical element of your strategy. But the translation process can be nuanced and labor intensive.

If you’re looking for a fully outsourced solution, use onDemand Translation for accurate, culturally-relevant translations. A self-service, cloud-based delivery model, onDemand saves you time and money without sacrificing quality or customer service.

Or, if your organization has the resources to oversee the translation and localization process directly, use our suite of managed language services for a customized, hands-on approach.

Either way, working with Lionbridge can be a smart solution. As the world’s largest translation company, our efficiencies of scale will keep costs in check. We have the global presence, technology, and language and cultural expertise to help you reach, engage, and support customers around the world.