Content & Testing Services

Your brand and your business are built on quality and reliability—factors that depend on rigorous pre-release testing. So after investing considerable time, effort, and resources into customer interaction with your products, don’t leave user experience to chance.

Professional App And Website Testing Services

Lionbridge can help you improve quality, avoid delays, speed time-to-market, and reduce costs with our suite of testing services for apps and websites, including regression testing, software testing, and performance testing. Our goal? Ensure that your products and apps work seamlessly across cultures and around the world.

Explore how your product or app performs under real-world conditions. By using a mix of lab-based automated testing and hands-on location testing, we’ll make sure you meet users’ needs and expectations throughout the lifecycle.

Does your product or app function correctly in various locales? Leverage our global team of in-market testers representing 102 regions, and scale your process with our 140,000-member crowdsourced network of testers.

Want to reduce time to market and lower maintenance spend? Reduce upfront time and cost by 15-20% with our accelerators, and deploy our framework easily across platforms.

Do obstacles slow you down and prevent meaningful process improvements? Build a more agile and innovative process with guidance from our consulting experts.

With Lionbridge as your partner, you can identify problems before they arise, adhere to delivery deadlines, better understand the local end-user experience with a solution, gain insight for future offerings, and improve the overall quality of the products you deliver to market.

case study

Testing Services: Case Study


When the largest printer manufacturer in the world was looking to reduce costs for global testing services, they turned to Lionbridge. This was in 1997. Our relationship started small—with just 50 Lionbridge testers onsite with the client.

We established low-cost, high-capacity offshore centers near-site to the client’s OEM R&D facilities. These include Beijing, Taipei, and Singapore. We also migrated them from a contingent staffing model to a much more scalable, manageable, and cost-effective managed services model.

We now run a full, large-scale multi-shore delivery model for this client, with over 800 full-time Lionbridge resources dedicated just to their hardware, firmware, and software testing needs. And it’s all delivered with a convenient and cost-effective managed services model.

We also handle all of their content development and localization needs as their one-stop, full-service partner. In addition, we helped them realize:

  • 20% target cost reduction while maintaining and improving quality and efficiency
  • More than 15% productivity increase with new test workflows
  • Execution of more than 5 million test cases on OEM products