Learn how your site or software performs before you go live with VeriTestPF

VeriTestPF is our cost-effective performance testing solution. It provides rigorous testing in an open-source platform designed to scale with your business needs.

Users today are choosy, quickly ditching apps and sites that don’t work the way they want them to. Software testing before release is a clear solution. But with numerous testing alternatives available, your solution needs to function just as well in real life as it does in your lab.

You can make almost anything work in the hands of engineers. Functioning properly in the hands of users requires a different kind of testing. That’s why Lionbridge offers multiple solutions.

VeriTestPF: A value-driven, easy-to-use performance testing solution

VeriTestPF combines the rigorous testing of a commercial solution with the scalability and cost-efficiency of an open-source option.

  • On-demand testing & scalability is fast and easy with our cloud-hosted open-source solution of ready-to-use load scripts and other processes.
  • Dynamic real-time and offline graphs provide flexibility and visibility on test runs to identify pinch points and drive analysis.
  • A centralized data repository makes it easy and fast to generate comparison graphs charting the impact of various application or environment changes.
  • Expert analysts provide insights on your test results, suggest engineering options, and create custom scripts that meet your specific business and user needs.

Advance testing and cut costs with VeriTestAF

Developed by automation engineers with years of experience across industries, VeriTestAF identifies opportunities, optimizes automation processes, and manages and maintains efficiency.

  • An automation feasibility & framework setup uncovers candidates for automation and builds an implementation plan for your framework or Lionbridge’s proprietary one.
  • Suite optimization & ROI analysis analyzes existing frameworks; identifies optimization, re-engineering and improvisation opportunities; and makes recommendations on automation fitment.
  • Script maintenance makes it easy to execute release-on-release script upgrades and management, plus result publishing.
  • E2E regression automation executes tens of thousands of test automation scripts overnight and unattended.

Ensure that your product meets user experience expectations with our suite of traditional testing services across the software development lifecycle.

Minimize costs and advance testing automation with VeriTestAF

VeriTestAF is our automated, adaptable framework testing solution. It allows you to easily identify testing opportunities, optimize automation processes, and maintain efficiency in the testing process.