Language Quality Assurance

Creating content that works successfully in multiple global markets can be challenging: Did the translation provider I hired do a good job? Is the process right?

Often organizations are faced with the following questions:

  • Do we have the correct quality system in place?
  • Are we driving quality improvements versus reacting to quality concerns?
  • Is our review process taking too long?
  • How do we reduce our review costs while improving output?

Language Quality Services (LQS) is an independent entity that is firewalled from Lionbridge to ensure impartially in quality assurance for translation services. Since 2001 customers have chosen LQS for the following reasons:

  1. Quality Output – To have confidence that their model is providing quality translations
  2. Quick Turn Around – To vastly improve the time to produce and publish quality content
  3. Cost Reduction – To control costs with a model that scales up or down specific to their business needs

“We saved $5 million in Quality Assurance costs within 6 months of implementation of LQS best practices”
- Mobile Device Manufacturer

Our Language Quality Services consist of the following:

LQS consulting – We develop a custom QA program that fits your organization, vendor ecosystem, tech stack and end-user needs and expectations

Full quality program – Implement a proactive QA program that delivers the level of monitoring, efficiency, continuous improvement, and scalability required to meet your current and future business needs

Linguistic assets – Allows your organization to reduce rework and to ensure consistent quality with asset management optimized for different content types and stakeholders; improve global brand consistency

Review the reviewer – We audit existing processes and providers and establish new policies and procedures where needed; streamline steps required to achieve localization excellence from all resource partners; implement accountability and feedback structures

Basic proofreading – Speed time-to-market and hold costs with in-country review and QA conducted by approved in-country specialists instead of full-time employees

case study

Language Quality Assurance: Case Study


An international IT company was using three different localization vendors. They lacked the internal capacity to perform necessary reviews of the highly visible, high-volume content. Adding to the challenge was that any feedback from those internal resources was non-linguistic and inconsistent. Ultimately, the client wanted to:

  • Integrate review into the production cycles
  • Implement scoring and tracking of linguistic quality
  • Improve and stabilize quality
  • Create and maintain linguistic documentation

Using our extensive experience in LQS, we helped set up a scalable pool of reviewers who were fully integrated into the production workflow. We also tailored and unified the review criteria and metrics for all vendors. And we established weekly quality audits as well as reporting and quality action plans.

The overall result was more efficiency and cost savings across the entire process. Our flexible model allowed the client to reduce and remove review on premium quality languages. When it came to linguistic aspects, there was increased communication among all the teams, ensuring better consistency. And because we now help manage the Glossary and Style Guide, our client is able to maintain a consistent voice.

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