No matter what sort of documentation you’re producing, accuracy and efficiency are the two most important aspects of technical translation.

The translation of technical content is often more complex and challenging than many organizations first envisage. From structured content to intelligent information many companies have been using Content Management Systems (CMS) to improve their process efficiency by separating content from the publishing format for years. While Technical Communicators and Translators used to work on complete documents nowadays they mostly only work on new and modified chunks of text.

By using Lionbridge’s Technical Translation Services clients can gain the following benefits:

  • Reduced cost. Integrated process from authoring to localization and publishing, multi-shore model, and technological innovation.
  • Next generation solutions. More effective, Rich Media and Augmented Reality documentation enhances understanding of delivery.
  • Consistent and better-quality documentation. Expert linguists and stringent production and QA processes lead to consistent quality, and core dedicated client teams assure that knowledge is retained from project to project.
  • Improved speed-to market. Scale, process improvements and automation help maintain milestone achievement.
  • Global presence. Lionbridge can deploy production teams onshore, offshore, or a combination

“Lionbridge saved us $15 million in translation memory costs”
- Large Manufacturing Client

The scope, scale and quality standards of our technical communication work reflect decades of experience and deep client collaboration. Our consultative approach, custom workflows, and compatible technologies enable the effective reuse of your content across multiple content management and authoring platforms.

Lionbridge’s Technical Translation Services are available for any print or digital content, including:

  • Apps (AR, VR, mobile)
  • Brochures
  • Diagrams, graphics, & schematics
  • eCommerce/Webshop
  • Instruction manuals
  • Knowledge base
  • Online help
  • Repair guides
  • Safety procedures
  • Technical documentation
  • Training materials
  • User/owner guides
case study

Technical Translation: Case Study


A large global pharmaceutical company needed to publish financial reports and all related communications, such as press releases and internal communications, in line with financial regulations. This created several challenges:

  • They needed translators with both financial expertise and knowledge of pharmaceutical products
  • The company’s messages, image, and reputation needed to be retained in the target languages
  • The had extremely tight deadlines to finalize and publish quarterly, half-year, and annual reports
  • All work required a high level of confidentiality and data security

The company engaged us to help them with the entire process. We established:

  • Centralized account management and translation teams with in-depth knowledge of relevant regulations and standards, such as IFRS & US GAAP
  • Project managers on stand-by until midnight during peak times as well as overnight service for press releases and other urgent documents
  • On-site translators who ensure the highest levels of confidentiality

The client is very pleased knowing they have an experienced partner to rely on in all phases of annual report production. This includes branding, data security, and an on-time delivery process that saves money.

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