Professional Translation and Localization Services

Engaging and supporting your customers, suppliers, and employees across all languages is a huge undertaking. Our professional translation services provide high-quality, efficient solutions that let you offload translation and localization tasks so you can focus on your critical business initiatives.


Whether you need to reach consumers worldwide, communicate internally with a global workforce, or collaborate with international partners, translation services are a critical element of your strategy. But the translation process can be nuanced and labor intensive.

If you’re looking for a fully outsourced online translation solution, use onDemand Translation for accurate, culturally-relevant translations. A self-service, cloud-based delivery model, onDemand saves you time and money without sacrificing quality or customer service.

Or, if your organization has the resources to oversee the translation and localization process directly, use our suite of managed language translation services for a customized, hands-on approach.

Either way, working with Lionbridge is a smart solution. As the world’s largest professional translation service company, our efficiencies of scale will keep costs in check. We have the global presence, technology, and language and cultural expertise to help you reach, engage, and support customers around the world.

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"Lionbridge helps us gain local insights into what users are doing, which devices and platforms they’re using, and how they prioritize experiences. All of which help us to innovate and deliver more value to global consumers."

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Peter Gaucher, Executive Director
Ecosystem & Content Services, Lenovo
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Professional Translation Services

“To avoid ill-adapted tone and unexpected costs and delays, use this editor’s checklist to review 10 important elements of preparing content for successful professional translation.”

Writing for Translation: An Editor’s Checklist [Infographic] 7/22/2016