Translation Workspace

Whether you’re a freelancer, an agency, or an enterprise, you all want the same things when it comes to your linguistic assets: accessibility, speed, and scalability.

Boost translation efficiencies

Imagine how helpful it would be to access all your translation memories in one central location and make updates—easily and affordably. Translation Workspace does just that. It’s a cloud computing system that combines advanced Live Assets™ functionality with time-tested performance.

Lionbridge has delivered the core technology behind Translation Workspace for years as part of its managed services offering to customers. We’ve now made it available to the market as an on-demand, subscription-based application suite.

With Translation Workspace, you can:

  • Increase productivity: With its proven performance and cutting-edge project and language management functionality, Translation Workspace will enable a dramatic increase in your throughput and consistency. Live Assets allow virtual teams of professional linguists to collaborate on large projects.

  • Work with multiple vendors: For subscribers who outsource or subcontract work to multiple suppliers, Translation Workspace includes Asset Aliasing™, a feature that allows language asset sharing in the cloud. It ensures private, secure access to translation memory (TM), glossary, and review package resources. 

  • Manage updates: With Translation Workspace, Infrastructure Management is included. Space-consuming TM and glossary data is stored on servers that are accessed either through a web browser or light-weight, rich translation clients. Backups, security, and updates are transparent to users and are included in your subscription pricing. 

  • Pay-as-you-go: As a subscriber, you can choose from a number of flexible monthly or annual plans. Easy-to-use Account Management tools let you add/remove functionality to align your spend with business cycles, while reporting and analytics tools help track usage and spend over time. 

Translation Workspace is unlike any other CAT (computer aided translation) solution in the market with its stable, reliable, and cost-efficient platform. Learn more today.

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