Global Games Voice Over: Creating Unique Voices for Universal Appeal

Helping Games developers and publishers increase connection between characters, stories and players around the world.

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For over a decade, Lionbridge Gaming has been successfully working with IP developers like you to create original voice overs to support distinctive stories and bring them to gamers around the world. Our producers orchestrate teams of translators, narrators, casting directors, artistic directors, actors, sound engineers and testers every day around the world to convey unique stories and create powerful long-lasting emotions and memories.

New trends increase the pressure on your teams: more scale, more content continuity, more global audiences to connect with, technology led disruption and opportunities, societal evolution… Together, we can help you achieve your creative, audience, timeline and budget goals.

Over the coming weeks, our team will candidly share their thoughts and experience addressing those new exciting challenges. Come visit us regularly for updates. We would love to have you join the conversation.


Who We Work With

Our Games Voice Over Services

Narrative Design

Nothing quite has the emotional impact of great voice acting. For original or localized voice audio, our Narrative Design team helps project the core emotional elements of your game. This includes the creation of narrative assets like story bibles, mythologies and character bios. Our writing team ensures your scripts deliver in every line of audio and in every target language.

Original Version Recording

Our best-in-breed Los Angeles Center of Excellence for original version voiceovers can bring your game to life. We’ll bring our deep experience of working closely with games producers to deliver on the sound and character designs.

Script Translation and Editing

Great audio starts with a great translation. That means capturing the essence of the original so it works perfectly in context for the target audience. Script Doctors prepare script content after source audio is available to ensure that great translation is also great dialog. They also make sure the translation meets the timing and sync requirements for a smooth studio experience.

Localized Version Recording

With 10+ years of games audio localization into multiple languages, we have evolved our global network of studios, our technology and our teams to deliver voice creation with boutique attentiveness to every line. And as always, we deliver at the scale and cadence the industry demands.

Multi-Language Mixing and Mastering

Our studios worldwide offer top-rung talent and infrastructure to efficiently master dialogue and create consistent, high-quality cinematic mixes, bringing your creative vision to life in all target languages.

Quality Assurance Testing

Whether standalone or in-game, QA testing of game audio – executed in our highly secure labs to protect your IP - ensures that the player experience delivers on expectations for all games, worldwide.  Our QA teams work closely with our linguists and audio teams to ensure bugs are resolved quickly and efficiently with a deep product knowledge.

Performance Capture

Lionbridge offers extensive experience supporting motion capture projects with casting, on-stage recording, post-production and more.  In the studio, our custom facial capture system grabs every nuance of up to four actors’ performances, creating data suitable for most animation systems.  Custom camera and lighting setups let us do this with or without cumbersome head-mounted cameras.

Creative Sound

Our SFX specialists can make your game’s voices into whatever beasts or androids you might want, and do it across all languages.  Our music supervisors have been responsible for original music in top-selling games, as well as localized vocal performances.  From field recording to mixing and more, we’re obsessed with making games sound cool.

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Integrating Original and Loc Voice Creation

Uniting original voice creation with localized voiceover recordings is the latest production acceleration tool in the world of video games. How does a more simultaneous approach improve the result?

Diverse Representation in Audio for Games

Authentic characters in games require authentic voices. Recently, Lionbridge has been tasked with recording broader selections of languages and identities. We are proud to provide diverse voice talents to help your games be as true to life as possible.


Supporting Game Devs and Each Other in a Global Pandemic

The COVID-19 crisis forced our gaming team to react quickly. It taught us the importance of planning for unusual circumstances and brought use even closer together.

Automation in Games: Efficiency in a Creative Industry

Automation is often seen as the enemy of creativity, but the two can actually work together. In games in particular, minimizing repetitive, boring tasks can actually free up time and mental energy for creators to do their best work.

A New Cloud Platform for Games Audio

Lionbridge Games Audio Cloud offers simultaneous editing and expanded data tracking.

Meet Our Global Audio Experts

Get to know our people powering our Global Games Voice Over program


Michel Bams

Michel Bams is a Global Content Delivery Senior Director. A video game veteran, Michel has been a player in this industry and its evolution for over 30 years. He is passionate about the cultural dimension of video games and the way this creative medium conveys unique emotions.

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Yui Ikegawa

Yui Ikegawa is the Audio Lead Localization Project Manager in Japan. She discovered her passion for project management while working at a casting agency and sound production studio in Tokyo. Her goal is to bridge the gap between Japan's unique culture and the rest of the world.

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Steffen Strohmann

Steffen Strohmann is a Senior Test Manager for Lionbridge who started as a Loc LQA Tester. He applies results-driven thinking to match and exceed end-user expectations. Steffen has shipped Lionbridge’s success stories in Audio LQA while building teams from the ground up.

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Tom Hays

Tom Hays is Senior Director, North American Audio, and President of Rocket Sound, Lionbridge’s studio in Los Angeles.  In his 30+ years in game audio, Tom has handled sound for hundreds of games including numerous high-stakes top-10 franchise titles.  He thrives on innovating in this fast-moving field and mentoring new talent.

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Daniel Khim

Daniel Khim is Production Manager at Rocket Sound, Lionbridge’s studio in Los Angeles. An avid lifelong gamer, musician, and sound professional, Daniel has a knack for bringing order to the chaos of large, complex projects, with the goal of making everything run as smoothly as possible from start to finish.

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Kaue Lemos

Kaue is responsible for the management of our studio in Sao Paulo, Brazil and for several projects localized to Brazilian Portuguese.  Kaue also has a specialization in Adaptive Audio for games and has worked on over 150 audio projects in the last 10 years.

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Richard Saadat

Richard Saadat is the global audio lead of Lionbridge. He has 15 years of experience in the audio localization industry and has worked on more than 100 AAA game including famous franchises such as Mass Effect, Halo, Gears of War or Forza. His goal is and has always been to improve quality (artistically and technically) and make sure the same boutique treatment will be applied on very large amount of audio content.

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Emilie Mauss

Emilie has been an audio project manager at Lionbridge for the last 5 years.  Emilie has excellent knowledge of French talent in the dubbing industry.  She always ensures that projects are on-track, which for her, is one of the guarantees of quality.

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Eva Herreros

Eva Herreros is the Director of Content Quality for Lionbridge. Eva draws on her extensive experience within the localization industry to drive Lionbridge Gaming quality strategy, and help teams marry creative content with strict technical constraints.

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