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Selecting the Right Real-Time Translation Technology

There are significant differences between Lionbridge’s real-time translation solution and public machine translation engines. This whitepaper details the most salient differences, including: translation quality, translation… Read more »


Meet the Pride: Andreas Laursen

Today, we’re heading west to Bellevue, WA, where we’ll get to know Global Program Director Andreas Laursen.


Meet the Pride Worldwide: Marcus Fahy

Today we’re heading to the Emerald Isle to get to know Marcus Fahy, a Global Program Manager who has been at Lionbridge for 11 years!


4 Ways to Make Localization Easier

Whether you’re an old pro at international business or expanding into your first new market, four key elements can help you handle the translation process… Read more »


Lionbridge Annual Reports Brief

Your company’s annual report is a big deal. It greatly influences your image, while telling an accurate and informative story of your company over the… Read more »