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Driving Stronger Omnichannel Multilingual Marketing Strategy

Omnichannel takes your brand global; localization makes it personal.

Every customer touchpoint is critical for retailers. Whether customers engage through mobile, your website, chat, phone, or email, they expect each interaction to feel personalized.

Delivering a standout customer experience requires robust omnichannel global marketing strategy. Your multilingual content marketing must seamlessly, consistently deliver the right messaging in the right language.

Partner with Lionbridge. We’ll help you create and localize compelling content that connects with every customer—regardless of language or location. 

AI Case Study: Multilingual Retail Marketing

How can retail companies capitalize on AI? Read about how Lionbridge helped one customer use AI to build content in new languages faster and more cost-effectively, thus allowing them to reach new markets.

How Lionbridge helped Canon save money, streamline operations, and migrate thousands of content pages.

“Lionbridge’s dedication and commitment to achieving Canon’s sometimes extremely challenging deadline has been exemplary.” 

Digital Systems & Publishing Manager, Canon

Some of Our Customers

Retail Translation Services

Language QA Services

Linguistic Testing

Ensure your content is free of linguistic errors. Develop and implement content with accurate meanings that are true to your brand voice.

Translation and Localization

Software, App, Device, Document, and Website Translation and Localization

Ensure website messaging resonates with consumers worldwide with our comprehensive suite of website localization tools and services. For your documents, get comprehensive translation services for 30+ file types. Save time and money with our optimized, AI-powered software and app localization processes. Easily adapt content and tools to your target language and culture.

Forum Moderation Services

Community Support

Stay connected with your user community. Answer their questions quickly and solve their problems more effectively.

Multilingual Marketing Services

Visual Adaptation, Multilingual Digital Campaigns, Website Optimization

Our global digital marketing services team helps you stay relevant with audiences worldwide, meet marketing goals, and keep costs and schedules in check. Centralize your multilingual website services and seamlessly create a unified, resonant customer experience across buyers, languages, and cultures. We’ll ensure optimized multilingual website design, international SEO, ecommerce translation services, and more. Lastly, Lionbridge helps create global campaigns for customers in every location — on text, imagery, and video.


Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI) and Real-time Chat

Our expert linguists (350+ languages) enable first-class multilingual communication and customer experiences. OPI makes interactions faster and more efficient. We streamline customer service interactions and yield better CX at a lower cost. Get real-time translation for your digital channels with AI-powered multilingual capabilities for your current chat, ticketing, email, forum, knowledge base, and catalog solutions.

Testing Services

Functional Testing, UX Testing, Global Motility Testing

Verify that software and hardware products meet all functional requirement specifications. Our Functional Testing frameworks offer:

  • Manual
  • Automated
  • Black box
  • Exploratory
  • User acceptance test methodologies

Lionbridge UX testing services combine a global network of in-marketing test engineers and cutting-edge tools. We’ll ensure positive product interactions with anyone, anywhere. We test mobile apps across:

  • The “last mile” of local mobile operators
  • Localized mobile devices
  • Regional payment providers in 80+ countries

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