Lionbridge Year in Review: Top 19 in ’19

Last Updated: January 6, 2020 5:43PM

To our customers, global Pride, leadership team, and friends – thank you. You made 2019 one for the record books.

To kick off the roaring ’20s, we’re looking back at 19 of our favorite memories from 2019.

  1. We started the year strong by acquiring Gengo and, strengthening our position in the machine learning and content relevance market.
  2. Shortly after, we launched Lionbridge AI to showcase how we’re helping customers build the next generation of AI solutions.
  3. Why AI? Language and AI services go hand in hand. Our years of experience solving language problems via our million-strong crowd uniquely positions us to empower this tech-enhanced community to also help customers in their AI-creation journeys. Learn more in this whitepaper.
  4. 2019 included strategic appointments to our executive team including President Ed Jay, General Counsel Kat McCabe, CTO Tony Stoupas, and CSO Doug Graham — who was also named to PrivSec’s list of the top 200 Most Influential Cybersecurity Leaders.
  5. We welcomed accolades that reaffirmed our mission of being a people-first company proud to support its employees. In April, we were again named one of America’s Best Employers by Forbes,
  6. … we celebrated Women in Business Day by highlighting our relationship with ReacHire,
  7. … and in July, we won the Employee Engagement Award from The Conference Board, honoring our work building a leading intranet that strengthens our community and gives a voice to our employees.
  8. Training Industry once again included Lionbridge as a Top 20 Training Outsourcing company, making it our thirteenth year winning the award,
  9. … and we were also named to EContent 100 list of companies that matter most in the digital content industry for the fifth year in a row.
  10. We were proud to announce the next chapter for Geotext and launched Lionbridge Legal in April.
  11. Along with our recommitment to the legal community, we introduced Lionbridge for Relativity, an easy-to-use plugin solution for multilingual e-discovery needs.
  12. We attended a lot of awesome global events, allowing us to learn what our clients are enthusiastic about. Our GeoFluent team attended ServiceNow Knowledge 2019, where we connected with and learned from over 20,000 like-minded attendees passionate about reducing complexity and enhancing the customer and employee experience.
  13. Our Gaming team roared into Busan, South Korea and attended G-STAR, a global gaming expo that allowed us to learn what’s next for the industry in Asia as well as globally.
  14. The Gaming team also opened a new gaming localization and audio studio in vibrant Barcelona, further enabling us to meet the needs of the growing Spanish gaming industry.
  15. We’re grateful for all of our partners and we’re thrilled to share the success Philips Health found by partnering with Lionbridge and Author-it to completely overhaul their creation, translation, and publication process for Directions for Use (DFUs).
  16. We officially launched Lionbridge Insights, where we’re sharing thought leadership from our best and brightest, including:
  17. …our Guide to Going Global series, a ten-part series of tips and tricks for global expansion gleaned from our 20+ years of experience,
  18. …and our Buyers Guide for Translation, sharing how to balance the need to be global and local.
  19. We wrapped up the year with our annual Women In Localization Winter Networking party, which allowed us to see old friends, make new friends, reflect on the year, and be inspired for the roaring 20s.

That’s our top 19, a small sampling of the year that was 2019. We’re looking forward to continuing to break barriers and build bridges with you in 2020 and beyond.

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Stephanie Carone