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Remove language as a barrier with your customers and prospects with GeoFluent

Imagine being able to communicate with your customers and prospects, regardless of their or your agents’ language. That’s the power of GeoFluent, a second-generation real-time translation solution created specifically for contact centers and business process outsourcers (BPOs). Improve CX by communicating in languages representing 95% of the world’s GDP. Increase your revenue while reducing cost and risk.

The highest levels of real-time translation quality

GeoFluent provides the real-time translation quality that brands require with the service that consumers expect.

First-generation solutions relied on straight machine translation-based technology.  Straight MT is effective for some use cases but often inappropriate for customer care because of the direct impact it can have on customer satisfaction.

GeoFluent translation software named the Customer Product of the YearGeoFluent changes that by combining the world’s top translation engines with a patented linguistic layer that customizes and preserves translations to ensure consistency across industry terminology, products, and most importantly, customers’ brands and BPO’s client brands. In addition to providing the best possible brand experience, GeoFluent’s patented linguistic layer also eliminates the common typos, misspellings, slang, and complex translation problems related to content and personalization.

Given the importance of communications, GeoFluent provides pre-determined, professionally translated responses to common inquires/responses. These – coupled with already higher language quality for real-time communications – save your agents time and consistently deliver the right brand experience.

See the quality differences in this pre-recorded demo

Omni-lingual meets the omni-channel

While voice has been the most popular channel, digital and self-service channels are critical. This is why a voice-only approach (supported by over-the-phone interpretation) falls short. According to Forrester Research, web self-service has unseated voice from the top spot (Contact Centers Must Go Digital or Die).

GeoFluent, because it is designed specifically for contact centers, delivers multilingual capabilities across the entire omni-channel. Select the specific channels you need or deploy the complete GeoFluent omni-channel solution, including: In-call voice, chat and virtual assistants, email, fax/letters, forums/knowledge base and communities, helpdesk and ticketing, mobile, SMS and push notifications, social, surveys and NPS, training materials, web, video, and website.

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Easily add multilingual capabilities to your existing communication platforms

Because GeoFluent is designed specifically for contact centers, you can easily add multilingual capabilities using pre-built GeoFluent integrations to your existing communications platforms, including CRM, chat, email, forums/communities/knowledge bases, helpdesk and ticketing, and others. This extends the value of your existing investments and infrastructure, and provides a seamless experience to consumers and agents.

Learn more about the GeoFluent integrations

Imagine being able to add multilingual capabilities to your existing contact center communications platforms.

Whether it’s chat, communities and forums, email, helpdesk and ticking, hosted contact centers or anything else, that’s the value of the GeoFluent ecosystem. Pre-built integrations existing with leading applications maximize your value. New integrations and partnerships are constantly being added – contact us with specific questions.

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How to become a partner

Interested in integrating, reselling or adding GeoFluent’s patented, real-time omni-lingual capabilities to your solution? Contact Tom Tseki, Vice President & GM of Customer Care Solutions, to learn more.


Click here for details on the GeoFluent Developer API.

Customer Experience Professionals AssociationContinuous CX improvement

Because language is core to CX, Lionbridge is a proud member of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA).
GeoFluent is more than great software. Get detailed insight into your omni-lingual interactions with its advanced dashboards. Drive improvements by understanding how your contact center and customers/prospects are engaging across languages and channels.
Being a client also means that world’s leading linguistic experts will collaborate with you to continuously improve your CX. As we jointly analyze and learn from your recent communications, we’ll recommend specific ways to optimize your interactions across languages and channels.

Contact us to learn how GeoFluent is always improving your translation quality

Delivering results

Explore how brands around the world are using GeoFluent to deliver the highest-levels of omni-lingual communications.


“The impacts have been significant, including increased customer satisfaction and reduced customer effort, coupled with increased call deflection and not having to hire as many multi-lingual agents. This combination makes GeoFluent a great fit for RCI and our members.”
– Keith Lodewyk, Customer Care Team Lead, RCI


“With Lionbridge’s GeoFluent solution, we can provide extraordinary customer support in multiple languages, leading to the increased satisfaction of our customers around the world and ultimately business growth for us.”
– Chris Welch, Chief Executive Officer, PKR
“Lionbridge’s GeoFluent solution has allowed us to continue our growth trajectory through this quick and cost-effective solution, hence enabling us to quickly scale our multi-lingual customer support.  The implementation, support and overall process far exceeded our expectations and we are thrilled to have Lionbridge’s GeoFluent in our corner!”
– Bill Ratliff, Senior VP of Operations,

Backed by the global language leader

Put Lionbridge’s 20 years’ of language expertise and leadership to work for you, including the experienced team of linguistics experts focused exclusively on GeoFluent and its clients.

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Learn more about the benefits of adding multilingual capabilities to your contact center.

New ICMI & Lionbridge Research

New ICMI & Lionbridge Research

Learn how contact centers can provide omni-lingual strategies to support growing language diversity and heightened consumer expectations.
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GeoFluent onDemand demonstration video

Go behind the scenes to see how this second-generation GeoFluent solution works.
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GeoFluent Icon_Whitepaper

White paper: Omni-Lingual Care Comes of Age for Contact Centers

Read this white paper to understand the evolution of contact centers and multilingual support.
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GeoFluent Icon_Solution Brief

Geofluent Solution Brief

Get quick facts about the solution, its capabilities and value to your contact center.
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