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A customized real-time translation solution for increased communication across the enterprise.

GeoFluent is a multilingual, omni-channel solution that helps contact centers, service desks, government, and enterprises eliminate language barriers with their customers, prospects, partners, distributors, and employees.  Across channels and languages, GeoFluent enables more effective communications and increases CX without having to hire bilingual staff or use multiple language services providers.

How our clients use GeoFluent

Contact Centers

GeoFluent allows organizations to provide multilingual support at a fraction of the cost of hiring bilingual agents.

Your customers expect service in their native language. GeoFluent enables you to improve CX, reduce customer effort, and deflect costly inbound calls.

Enterprise Communication & Collaboration

Enterprise Communication & Collaboration solutions include interactive forums, team collaboration, Instant Messaging, and email solutions are designed to allow employees, customers, and partners to work better together. GeoFluent enables multilingual content, which leads to more effective and timely dissemination of information across the enterprise. This results in better employee engagement and more efficient teams.

Enterprise & IT Service Management

GeoFluent empowers organizations to provide multilingual helpdesk and service management support at a fraction of the cost of hiring bilingual staff. This enables you to accelerate issue resolution while increasing employee and partner productivity.

GeoFluent: Three Modules, One Complete Integrated Solution

GeoFluent is comprised of three modules that serve each area of your multilingual needs.

GeoFluent Virtual Translator™

Designed for self-service and agent-assisted digital channels such as chat, email, and ticketing.

GeoFluent Virtual Translator™, a SaaS-based solution, provides patented, award-winning, real-time translation capabilities. The Virtual Translator™ solution plugs into customers’ existing contact center, service management, and enterprise communication & collaboration platforms. It also can be leveraged across IM, email, blogs, forums, virtual assistants, and knowledge bases in addition to applications like chat and ticketing.

By integrating into existing platforms, GeoFluent Virtual Translator™ extends customers’ investments and requires no change to how organizations currently interact with customers, partners, or employees.

GeoFluent Interpreter™

Innovative over-the-phone, video, and on-site interpretation services.

GeoFluent Interpreter™ makes interactions faster and more efficient, allowing for a more productive staff, all while reducing effort and significantly improving the customer experience.

GeoFluent Interpreter™ can meet any type of interpretation need, including over-the-phone, video and on-site.  The innovative GeoFluent Interpreter™ solution uniquely meets the needs of healthcare, insurance, government, and other organizations.  Our extensive language support includes 350 languages and dialects – all available 24/7/365.

GeoFluent Translate™

Removes the inefficiencies and extra cost found with most language providers to provide high quality translation for many content types.

GeoFluent Translate™ helps clients streamline the traditionally inefficient translation and localization process. The solution includes a branded enterprise portal that leverages client-based language customization for increased quality.

The GeoFluent Translate™ portal is built upon flat-rate pricing across language pairs, workflows that provide instant quotes and timelines, and streamlined processes that allow for 24/7 project submission and the ability to select the translation method: GeoFluent customized real-time translation or human translation.

Dedicated GeoFluent customer success and program managers take the place of traditional translation-specific project managers, ensuring consistency and efficiencies across all of the GeoFluent modules at no extra cost. The modules of GeoFluent Translate™ can be delivered as an integrated solution or utilized separately.

The Benefits of the Complete GeoFluent Solution


The three GeoFluent modules enable organizations to provide complete geographic linguistic coverage across the enterprise. GeoFluent breaks down the language barrier and promotes effective communication, no matter the language, channel, or platform.

Omni-Channel support

GeoFluent delivers multilingual capabilities across the entire omni-channel, including voice, chat, video, email, ticketing, forums, virtual assistants, and more. Across these channels, GeoFluent improves CX and enables efficient communication without having to hire bilingual staff or utilize multiple service providers to support global languages.

High-quality, real-time translation

Each GeoFluent module is powered by the GeoFluent Virtual Linguist™, an artificial intelligence-based core that is customized and trained specifically for each client. The Virtual Linguist ensures multilingual consistency and accuracy across languages, channels, and use cases while understanding the context and unique brand terms, acronyms, and speak of each client.


GeoFluent plugs into existing platforms to increase ROI and keep communication methods consistent. Pre-built integrations exist with leading applications such as Genesys, Jive, Lithium, LivePerson, LogMeIn, Microsoft, Moxie, Salesforce (visit the AppExchange), ServiceNow (visit the Store), Zendesk, and Zimbra. GeoFluent also has an open API for further integration possibilities.

Videos: See GeoFluent Virtual Translator in Action

GeoFluent has worked with industry leaders across the globe to provide streamlined, successful solutions.

Powering Omni-Lingual Chat at RCI

Supporting CX optimization and call deflection for the world leader in vacation exchange.

Salesforce Live Agent and Case Management

Easily add multilingual capabilities to your existing Live Agent and Case Management modules.

GeoFluent Virtual Translator for ServiceNow and BoldChat

Add support for more than 100 languages to existing ServiceNow Connect and Incidents communication channels, and power 100 plus languages for your existing BoldChat application.

Why choose GeoFluent?

Lionbridge understands your use case, industry, and unique needs.  The GeoFluent solution was created to provide a complete, synergistic solution across communication platforms.  Virtual Linguist is a powerful tool that Lionbridge utilizes across all three GeoFluent modules.  If a client is using GeoFluent today Virtual Linguist is already built and ready to add ticketing capabilities.  Our agile solution can grow with your organization.

Clients also using GeoFluent for translation and localization have an added benefit, as the same engine powering Real Time Translation for self-service and digital channels is also leveraged when translating documents, as well as by our telephonic interpreters.  The ability to employ one customized Virtual Linguist across services amplifies the success of your multilingual communications.

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