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Over-the-Phone Interpretation Services

Deliver the best-possible customer experience by connecting customers with best-in-class over the phone interpreters in 350+ languages.

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Fast, accurate over-the-phone interpretation services

24/7/365 OPI Access. Interpretation services in 350+ languages. Millions of minutes per month.

Our expert over the phone interpreters bridge language gaps, enabling effective multilingual interpreting services and driving better customer experiences.

With Lionbridge, you can count on the largest language list in the industry. Our over the phone interpreters speak 350+ languages.

We support industry-leading connection times (8-10 seconds for Spanish; 12-15 seconds for other top languages), have a robust telephony platform with consistent uptime (99.5% or greater), and offer real-time reporting that allows customers to view data on volume, language mix, and KPIs.

With Lionbridge as your over the phone interpretation partner, you will have a single dedicated Customer Success Manager who tailors your call flow and account setup to your individual needs. Our onboarding process is efficient, and easy, and we offer industry-leading confidentiality, compliance, and risk management programs.


Technology Solutions for Interpretation Services

Discover how Lionbridge’s phone interpretation services use flexible technology solutions to enable transparency, eliminate friction and deliver the best customer experience.

Handling Sensitive Calls with Limited English Proficient Customers

As vaccine distribution begins across the world, healthcare providers need to be able to educate the public about access, approval and safety. Lionbridge phone interpreters can help bridge communication gaps with limited English proficient consumers for sensitive healthcare topics.  

Looking for more information? Register to view our on-demand webinar on Over-the-Phone Interpretation.

“Please pass my kudos to the best Spanish interpreter that I have had the pleasure of working with — ever.”

Federal government agency

Interpretation Services Across Industries

Interpretation services are essential to forging meaningful connections with customers. Lionbridge works with government agencies and call center/help desks across many industries including: healthcare, financial services, insurance, utilities, and more.



Lionbridge is a trusted partner of government agencies and cities across the United States. We have provided over the phone interpreters for the government for over 30 years and have a program management model designed specifically for government customers.

We understand the regulatory and statutory environment, and our reporting helps government customers remain compliant. We serve government customers for administrative and legal hearings, health and social services, law enforcement, utilities, transportation, and much more. We hold numerous statewide contracts as well as a GSA contract, which was recently renewed through 2039.


Over-The-Phone-Interpretation from Lionbridge provides over-the-phone interpreters in 350+ languages, available 24/7/365. No one speaks as many languages as we do, or understands as many industries. No one.


Your industry has its own vocabulary and your company has its own brand—and at Lionbridge, we capture the meaning and essence of both with our interpretation services.


Lionbridge over the phone interpreters are fast and skilled. They make it easy for you to communicate with your students’ parents—whether they speak Spanish or another language—at home.

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Interpretation Services That Work

Disaster recovery planning in action



A hurricane impacted a client’s call center in regions of Florida and Puerto Rico.


increase in volume


hour notice


dropped calls

“On behalf of San Juan and Miami managers, we want to thank you for being a great partner. You guys really came through for us.”

Contact Center Manager

Our Customers

“I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the professional manner in which you provide service.”

California county language services manager

Building World Ready Customer Service

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The Definitive Guide to Over-the-Phone Interpretation

Virtual call centers, scalable workflows, and quality-assured interpretations make Lionbridge OPI services the reliable partner you need in an emergency. Read our e-book to learn more about what makes an excellent OPI provider.


“One of your associates assisted me on a call today and I want to tell you I appreciate the patience, friendliness, and professionalism she showed. I want to tell you I appreciate your services and representatives like her.”

Claims Specialist, Financial Services Company

Multilingual Customer Service Webinar Over-the-Phone Interpretation & Real Time Chat

Register for this webinar recording & in just 45 minutes, you’ll learn:

  • How to empower your agents to speak to anyone in any language.
  • How to customize these tools for a seamless multilingual experience.
  • What GeoFluent & Over-the-phone interpretation are and how they could benefit you.

Lionbridge Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI) Services

Millions of minutes per month? 24/7/365? No problem.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Back to School: How Phone Interpretation Services Help Teachers Stay Connected

Lionbridge Over-the-Phone Interpretation Services help teachers provide language access to non-English speaking families, including for parent teacher conferences and IEP meetings. 


5 Tips for Choosing an Over-the-Phone Interpreter

For English-speaking companies, over-the-phone interpreter (OPI) services are essential to forging a meaningful connection with global customers. Learn more now

Without Omni-lingual, There is No Omni-channel

How an omni-lingual approach is essential to your customer experience strategy

Improve Customer Experience With Real-Time Interpretation

Great customer care is more important than ever. Watch our webinar and in just 45 minutes you’ll discover how GeoFluent delivers excellent customer support quickly, accurately, and at scale.

Bridging Communication Gaps in the COVID-19 Vaccine Roll Out

As the roll out of the COVID-19 vaccine begins, health care providers, retailers and governments face a massive communications challenge in educating the public about access, approval and safety.

“I wanted to take the time to send an email recognizing one of your Reps who helped me today with a lengthy call to a member. She was patient, and kind in her tone, used inflection in her words exactly where I did, expressed the words with the right amount of stress just as I did. Although I do not speak Spanish at all, I almost could understand the conversation as it mimicked mine so closely. I do this every day and can tell you that she deserves a round of applause and a KUDOS for a job well done! She made a difference in our members life today! I hope you can get this to the proper people who can recognize a job well done.”

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