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Harness the Lionbridge Lainguage Cloud to support your end-to-end localization and content lifecycle

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Continuous localization made easy.
Reach more markets with the Lionbridge Lainguage Cloud™.

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Simplify your content journey with Smaⁱrt™ AI

You want to create compelling experiences in multiple languages faster than ever before. You can achieve this. We’re here to help.

We’ve been at the forefront of technological advancement to help our customers succeed in a competitive climate. Our second-generation, AI-driven translation and localization platform, the Lionbridge Lainguage Cloud™, builds on technological developments to help you increase your content velocity and get you in front of more customers in new markets.

Our cutting-edge platform, combined with our Smairt Content™ engine, will automatically analyze and route your content to the best language specialist in our unparalleled crowd of translators. It creates a relationship with the community, empowering your global content.

Reach more customers. Increase your growth rates across existing markets. Adapt to change by capitalizing on the best technology and Locailize Everything™.

Let us help you localize everything.

The Future is Now

The age of AI-powered locaⁱlization is upon us. See the future through the eyes of industry leaders.

The Most Advanced Localization Platform

The ability to automate the entire content journey is the foundation stone to scalable localization. The Lionbridge Laⁱnguage Cloud™ is your Rosetta Stone.


Leverage Machine Translation to Localize Everything

Advancements in Machine Translation technology open unprecedented opportunities to excel in the digital-first economy. 

Why Lionbridge

Our teams are committed to your success. We regularly survey our customers and receive some of the highest satisfaction numbers in the industry. Transparency is accountability. This is our trailing 12-month NPS score.

Reliability is why so many customers trust Lionbridge. We aim to be #neverlate — our goal is 100% on-time delivery (OTD) of your projects. This is our OTD rate for the last 12 months.​

Our technology supports the most complex and highest-volume projects in the industry. And we are investing heavily to keep improving it. That’s why 4500+ customers trust us with their most important programs.​

Trust. Commitment. Long term relationships. Our teams strive to be an extension of your organization. To care about your outcomes the way you do. That care yields loyalty. This is our retention rate for our 2020 top 200 clients.

Speed. Every LSP promises high quality, but few can deliver quality with speed. Our innovative job matching system ensures your content is being worked on immediately. This is the average work assignment time in minutes for the last 12 months.​

The privacy and security of your confidential information are paramount. No other LSP protects the full data life cycle  — including personal data — like we do. And we have the people, process, technology and  ISO’s to prove it. ​

Helping you connect with your customers.

Across industries, at every step in your globalization journey. Here's how...


Transform Content So It Resonates

You designed your content for one language, region or audience—we’ll translate, localize, transcreate it so it works for all.


Test Content, Products, and Services in Every Language, On Every Device

Form factors. Consoles. Devices. Apps. Modules. We help ensure your customer experience is perfect.

Create Content for Global Audiences

We help you create highly specialized technical content that’s primed to go global—like technical manuals, regulatory filings or marketing creative.

Your Experts. Our Interpreters. Better conversations.

Over-the-phone interpreters in 350+ languages, available 24/7/365. No one speaks as many languages or understands as many industries as we do. No one.

Trusted by Thousands of Product, Marketing and Localization Teams



"From our onboarding experience to our continued work together, it is apparent that Lionbridge is a customer-orientated organization. Because of Lionbridge's services, we can process and deliver content quickly through a centralized system and ultimately bring our products to market faster. In today's competitive climate, that type of workflow is essential for success."

Michael Matheij, Team Lead Marketing Content, Dorel Juvenile

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Generative AI / LLM On-Demand Webinar: Limits & Opportunities

 Generative AI / LLMs hold promise but have limitations until reaching maturity. Gain realistic expectations of its capabilities in the early stages.

Translation, Localization, Transcreation: What You Need and When

Which language service is right for your business? Use our tool to decide among translation, localization and transcreation.

Localization, Globalization, Internationalization: What's the Difference?

Localization adapts products to a market, internationalization creates products that can expand into new markets, and globalization is the process of taking your business global.

A Buyer’s Guide for Localization Services

You’re ready to be more global—and more local—than ever before. You need localization. Here’s your guide to know what to buy (and what questions to ask) when it comes to localization services.




Global Digital Experience Assessments Provide the insights You Need to Elevate Your Content Strategy

In digital marketplaces, growth can be achieved through compelling digital experiences and excellent content delivered at scale.  

In order to do so, companies need to manage their content as a strategic asset, and you need a partner that can help you design a content engine that delivers high content velocity at scale.  

We are Lionbridge

The trusted partner of thousands of companies around the world.

It all starts with you.

Have personal global ambition? Here’s your chance to work on some of the world’s most important and exciting projects and with the planet’s most innovative brands.

Our People are our Pride.

Make friends with a Lion.

Future of localization.

Get Lionbridge expertise on the future of localization, including the significance of language in driving digital transformation and international growth. 


Expand Your Reach.

Drive sales in any language for any market with Lionbridge’s expertise in localization, content creation and search.