Generative AI / Large Language Models Webinar: Are We There Yet?

An examination of the technology’s current limitations and emerging opportunities.

Realistic Expectations of Generative AI / Large Language Models Capabilities During Its Early Stages

Use generative AI and LLMs judiciously for the best translation outcome.

Watch our recorded webinar as we examine how to effectively leverage generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) / Large Language Models (LLMs) during the technology’s early stages and refrain from using it prematurely for applications it cannot yet handle.

GenAI/LLM technology has significant shortcomings that make it unsuitable for industrial-scale localization. Nonetheless, this AI has a sweet spot whereby it can already execute translation-related tasks that humans currently perform but that Neural Machine Translation engines cannot undertake.

Give us 60 minutes, and you’ll learn:

  • Its limitations — How GenAI/LLMs can negatively impact translation costs, turnaround times, and quality when used improperly.
  • The emerging opportunities — How GenAI/LLMs can be applied in some ways now and will enhance every step of the content cycle when it matures.
  • General trends — How the movement will impact humans, processes, and business models.

Proceed with caution during the early stages to avoid potential pitfalls and achieve the best localization outcomes.

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Meet the Speaker

Vincent Henderson

Vincent Henderson leads the product and development teams at Lionbridge. He focuses on ways to use technology and AI to analyze, evaluate, process, and generate global content. He is especially attentive to the disruption of content products and services brought about by Large Language Models.

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