Improving Patient Outcomes with Clinical Trial Translation

Deliver clinical trial communications accessible in any language for better participant engagement and experience.

Optimizing Communication with Every Clinical Trial Participant

Customized language solutions for clinical trial success 

Executing multi-regional clinical trials requires especially efficacious communication throughout the full cycle of development. Accurate translations help trial sponsors reduce costs, errors, and inefficiencies. They also improve patient outcomes and experience. With Lionbridge, you’ll deliver optimal research and patient outcomes faster. 

Lionbridge Life Sciences has decades of experience providing customized language solutions for clinical trials across all phases, therapeutic areas, indications, and diverse clinical trial participant populations. We bring deep subject matter expertise, rigorous quality control, and innovative technology. Select from our comprehensive portfolio of clinical study solutions to help you deliver accurate, compliant translations that ensure the best patient outcomes possible. 

Potential Use Cases for AI in Life Sciences

Discover how AI could enhance Life Sciences workflows, drug discovery and approval, and more.

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Pharmaceutical/Clinical Language Solutions

Trial Management

Ensure your trial’s success through proactive, comprehensive multilingual support. Lionbridge can help with adept, scalable language management strategies. We’re deeply familiar with stringent clinical trial language requirements, standardized formats, and complex technical terminologies. Trust Lionbridge to handle translation and language requirements for your essential documents, including:

  • Scientific documentation for investigators and researchers
  • Trial participant materials  
  • Other documents for clinical trial conduct


Correct labeling for an investigational medicinal product (IMP) is critical to the clinical trial lifecycle. We can assist with:

  • Ensuring compliance with complex, product-oriented, jurisdiction-sensitive regulatory requirements 
  • Providing linguistic and subject-matter experts for managing translation requirements
  • Structured content management for local label creation and regulatory validation
  • Creating curated phrase libraries for harmonized, consistent label translation
  • Developing quality-assured automated production workflows for fast turnaround times 


Clinical Outcome Assessments (COAs)

Obtaining accurate and reliable COA data requires fit-for-purpose COA instruments, standardized COA administration practices, and cultural competence. Lionbridge has the expertise, cutting-edge technology, and decades of experience to help trial sponsors:

  • Perform linguistic validation
  • Conduct migration to electronic mode of data collection (eCOA)
  • Perform eCOA usability testing
  • Meet COA copyright and licensing requirements

Language Services for Maximized Patient Outcomes

The Evolution of Patient Engagement in Clinical Trials

How has the realm of medical research moved from ethical atrocities to empowering patients? Why does participant engagement make such a large impact on the success of studies and scientific advancement? Learn about the past, present, and future of the patient engagement movement.


Infographic: Better Patient Outcomes Via Clinical Trial Translation

Guidance and best practices

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Clincierge Case Study: Patient Retention and Recruitment

How can CROs and trial sponsors provide a smooth participant experience in any language and any geography? Learn how Lionbridge’s speed and accuracy improved the Clincierge workflow.

Regulatory Guidance on Technology Training for Clinical Trial Participants

Learn about the latest regulatory guidance and updates on technology training for clinical trial participants.

Clinical Trial Recruitment Tactics for Diversity

Learn key tactics to improve clinical trial recruitment and start recruiting patients from diverse populations.

Patient-Reported Outcome Data Collection and Respondent Burden

Use patient input to mitigate respondent burden in patient-reported outcome data collection in clinical trials.

Writing Results for Multi-Regional Clinical Trials

Understand essential considerations for writing more effective clinical trial results for multi-regional clinical trials.

Decentralized Clinical Trials Communication Challenges

Get critical guidance for better language planning and trial communication in decentralized clinical trials.

5 Critical Multi-Regional Clinical Trials and ICH E17 Language Planning Tips

Learn 5 critical tips from Lionbridge’s life sciences translation team for optimal language planning for Multi-regional Clinical Trials and ICH E17.

Create Patient-Centric Communications for Achieving Informed Consent

Guidance for creating patient communications (including using life sciences translation) to improve informed consent processes in clinical trials.

Lionbridge’s Life Sciences Team Serves Global eCOA Provider

Learn how Lionbridge created an optimized, end-to-end workflow for an eCOA provider to maximize efficiency and significantly reduce administrative burden.

Patient Centricity in Clinical Trials

Find out 5 major obstacles to patient centricity in clinical trials.

Meet Our Life Sciences Experts

Get to know your compliance partners


Melinda Johnson

As Director of Global Clinical Outcome Assessment (COA) Operations, Melinda draws on her linguistic background and deep COA domain expertise. She helps improve patient-centered research and tailors solutions for customers’ needs, including quality, timeliness, and innovation. 

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Camilla de Villiers

As Managing Director, Life Sciences, Camilla is responsible for business unit strategy, customer propositions, sales, and service delivery for Lionbridge Life Sciences.

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Mark Aiello

As VP of Sales, Life Sciences, Mark is responsible for Lionbridge’s go-to-market organization. He also focuses on developing relationships and partnerships with customers to help bring innovative therapeutic solutions to patients worldwide. Mark has extensive experience working across the highly regulated Life Sciences sector. He has a proven track record in helping drive positive business outcomes for key customers across the globe.  

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Megan Duff

Megan Duff, Licensing Project Manager, has extensive project management experience in various areas of the clinical research industry. She has worked at a CRO, eCOA vendor, and COA licensor. Megan is focused on prioritizing safety and efficacy in subject-centered research through COAs. She guides Lionbridge clients through the licensing process to ensure all requirements are met and there’s comprehensive documentation.  

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Paraic O’Donnell

Paraic is Lionbridge’s Director of Technical Solutions for medical devices. An industry veteran, he has over two decades of experience in language and technology services. Paraic was trained in computational linguistics. He is keenly interested in life sciences and helping enable positive patient outcomes. Paraic brings deep subject matter expertise to his role and helps customers solve their business challenges.

Dominika Toronova

As Global Program Manager for Clinical Labeling and Clinical Labeling Practice Lead, Dominka draws on a decade of experience. She has worked in Project Management and collaborated extensively with Clinical Labeling clients to drive service excellence and innovation within a complex area of clinical trial development. Dominika also draws on her deep domain expertise to consult customers on Regulatory Validation requirements and services.

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