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GDPR: What Does It Mean for Global Marketers?

Changes are afoot. But new challenges often uncover exciting opportunities. Here’s our take.


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We assist customers across industries at every step in their internationalization journeys. Here’s how.

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You designed your content for one language, region, or audience—we'll translate, localize, or transcreate your content it so it works for all of them.


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Form factors. Consoles. Devices. Apps. Modules. We help you ensure your customer experience is perfect across platforms, media, and borders.


Data Collection, Transformation, and Relevance Testing

We help make your intelligent systems even smarter.

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Tell It to Me Straight: The Challenges of Communicating Scientific Clinical Trial Results

Takeaways from the 3rd Annual Lay Summaries Summit

The 3rd Annual Lay Summaries Summit was held in Philadelphia in September, and Lionbridge was the only Language Service Provider to attend. This surprised us, as lay language summaries of research results are as much a linguistic exercise as a scientific one. At Lionbridge, it’s part of our collective DNA to stay abreast of the driving forces in the industry, so we can best serve as a compliance partner for our pharma clients.


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Peter Gaucher
Executive Director of Ecosystem & Content, Lenovo