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Onboarding for Marketers

When evaluating localization providers, you’re likely to inquire about features and functions or the need for machine translation versus human translation. Make sure to ask about the onboarding process as well. Its importance is sometimes minimized, but it’s crucial for success.

Onboarding for Localization Buyers

When you partner with a Language Service Provider (LSP), your primary concern is likely the outcome of the localization process. How will they produce accurate, high-quality results? Your onboarding experience is often an afterthought—but it shouldn’t be. Onboarding is more than simply a ­­training procedure to use linguistic tools and connectors.

A Buyer’s Guide for Localization Services

You’re ready to be more global–and more local–than ever before. You need localization. Here’s your guide to know what to buy (and what questions to ask) when it comes to localization services.