Interpretation, Captioning, Translation, and Localization Services for Live Events

Help your global audiences get the most out of your events by enabling them to understand the content and participate no matter what language presenters use.

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Translate Your Live Events in Real Time

Ensure your global audience gets the most out of your webinars, conferences, and live events.

Live events are often high-investment, but that doesn't mean that they'll automatically be high-return. Expand your audience and increase your event ROI by going multilingual.

Our event localization services allow your audience to understand content and actively participate in your event no matter what language your presenters use.

We support your webinars, online trainings, virtual conferences, and in-person events with:

  • On-Site Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation
  • Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI)
  • Sign Language Interpretation
  • Live Captioning
  • Video Transcription, Subtitling, and Dubbing
  • Print and Digital Collateral Localization

Events We Support

Rely on our network of 500,000+ specialists and 350+ languages — including sign language — to take your live event global.

In-Person Events

Lionbridge handles interpretation, travel arrangements, and technical setup to support your in-person events.

Webinars and Online Training

Our platform agnostic solutions are compatible with leading communication platforms for seamless support anywhere, anytime.

Web Conferences

Whether your web conference is hybrid or fully remote, 1 listener or 1,000, we have the tools to support your unique needs.

Lionbridge Serves as Global Interpretation Provider for ON24®

When virtual event platform company ON24 executes virtual events, it enlists Lionbridge for multilingual translations. As a global interpretation provider for ON24, Lionbridge ensures that webinar participants can understand the content no matter what language they speak, including sign language.

Live Event Support Services

On-Site Interpretation

Delivering your message to an in-person, multilingual audience requires the help of an experienced provider. Rely on our experts to select the best-fit interpreter for your event, make travel arrangements, provide technical support, and more.

With linguists trained in both simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, Lionbridge ensures a smooth and successful live event anywhere, in any language, at any scale.

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

Large virtual events can be difficult to tackle, especially when your audience speaks multiple languages. With our Remote Simultaneous Interpreting services, you can ensure your virtual conferences, eLearning sessions, and other online events are accessible to your whole audience.

Supported by sophisticated technology, this specialized interpretation solution allows listeners to select their preferred language. Lionbridge RSI is available via all leading virtual conference platforms, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Interprefy, and more.

Live Captioning

Live captioning provides written text as people speak. While many platforms have built-in captioning technology, large conferences, webinars, and livestreams often require a more sophisticated solution.

Lionbridge's live captioning services offer superior quality captioning to handle multiple speakers, complex or specialized content, and a catalog of over 350 languages.

Collateral Localization

Interpreting is only half the battle – if your event includes digital or print collateral such as videos, slideshow presentations, handouts, or other documents, they'll need localized, too.

In addition to translating text-based documents, we'll translate your audiovisual assets. Rely on our video transcription, subtitling, dubbing, and multimedia localization services to ensure your collateral feels native for all your audiences.

Over-the-Phone Interpretation Services

Need interpretation services for your virtual meetings, phone calls, and appointments? Visit our Interpretation page to learn how we can support your multilingual communications.

Lionbridge: A Trusted Partner of the Swiss Economic Forum

Why does the Swiss Economic Forum, Switzerland’s leading economic conference, turn to Lionbridge for simultaneous interpretation services year after year? It's because Lionbridge enables global conference attendees to communicate and exchange ideas. Learn how Lionbridge provided 15 hours of simultaneous interpretation services in two language pairs.

The Ultimate Guide To Multilingual Virtual Events

Are you planning a multilingual virtual event? We offer resources to help you host one with ease. Access our essential checklist and global event guide and discover how generative AI is now possible for interpretation, captioning, and dubbing. Our guidance will put you on the right path to becoming a leader in delivering multilingual customer and event support.

Choosing the Right Interpretation Service

What’s the difference between consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation? When should you select one over the other? Our handy chart explains live translation for events. 

Live Event Services FAQs

Here are the answers to questions our customers frequently ask.

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