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Interpretation, Captioning, Translation, and Localization Services for Live Events

Help your global audiences get the most out of your events by enabling them to understand the content and participate no matter what language presenters use.

Translate Your Live Events in Real Time

Make your virtual event, web conference, or team meeting multilingual with Lionbridge’s translation and localization services for live events.

Digital transformation has changed the way we communicate privately and professionally. Now, most live meetings are hybrid — offered both on-site and remotely via the internet. This scenario creates opportunities to extend your reach to global audiences. To achieve global participation, you need to enable attendees to understand the content even when the presenter speaks a different language than they speak. Consider adding coverage in more languages by using interpretation services, providing live captioning, and translating and localizing event materials and presentations.

When To Use Interpretation and Translation Services for Live Events

Use live event services to facilitate communications during many types of live events.

Virtual meetings

Virtual meetings that use one of the many available communications platforms, such as Zoom, and Microsoft Teams, are frequently translated automatically.  Built-in captioning tools quickly and easily enable attendees to understand one another in any language they speak. These tools enhance the value global teams get out of virtual meetings. However, automated captioning tools do not always handle complex topics or high-stakes meetings well. In these cases, you may be better off using remote video interpretation or remote simultaneous interpretation services. 

Web conferences

Web conferences have become a highly popular way to hold large events. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, live web conferences are commonly being held in a hybrid manner, in which a limited number of onsite attendees blend with online attendees.

Webinars and online training

Webinars are mini live events. They are frequently used to make product presentations, hold workshops, and conduct training sessions. They usually have a few presenters and an audience that actively participates. 

Pre-event and post-event collateral

Pre-event and post-event collateral are important elements of online events. You may produce a variety of materials, including presentations, documents, handouts, and session recordings that audiences view at their convenience. To make your event multilingual, these pre-event and post-event materials need to be translated and localized into the languages your attendees speak. This effort will drive post-event engagement and enable people who could not attend your event to still get something out of it. 

Lionbridge Serves as Global Interpretation Provider for ON24®

When virtual event platform company ON24 executes virtual events, it enlists Lionbridge for multilingual translations. As a global interpretation provider for ON24, Lionbridge ensures that webinar participants can understand the content no matter what language they speak. 

Lionbridge Translation and Localization Services for Live Events

Lionbridge offers an array of live event services to make your virtual event multilingual and attract global attendees. Select from the following services:

On-site simultaneous and consecutive interpretations

On-site, real-time interpretation services are a great option when executing large onsite conferences. Interpretation teams come to your event in person to either provide simultaneous interpretations or consecutive interpretations. During simultaneous interpretations, the interpreter makes real-time translations at the same time the speaker talks. During consecutive interpretations, the interpreter provides real-time translations while the speaker pauses. Lionbridge selects the best interpreters for your event, makes travel arrangements, and provides technical setups to ensure a smooth and successful event.

Video Remote Interpretations and Remote Simultaneous Interpretations

Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) and Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) are like on-site, real-time interpretations, except services are provided remotely. Advanced communication technology makes these services possible. Remote services enable Lionbridge to source interpreters from any place in the world. Remote delivery reduces the complexity of your onsite event and decreases costs. These services are appropriate for on-site, online, and hybrid events.

Over-the-phone interpretations & Smaⁱrt Bridge™

Over-the-phone interpretation involves professional interpreters delivering their services via phone. Since these interpreters are on standby, this is a good option when you need unplanned, instantaneous interpretations. It is often used by company call centers to drive better customer experiences. Lionbridge’s Smairt Bridge platform enables you to manage your account and scale the use of over-the-phone interpretation services when necessary. 

Live captioning

Live captioning provides written text as people speak. This service works well for web conferences, webinars, and live streams. A lot of conferencing technologies have automated live caption technology built into their platform. If you require better quality than what most of these technologies provide, rely on Lionbridge to deliver a solution tailored to your needs.

Translation and localization services

Translation and localization services enable your multilingual attendees to understand your event collateral. It has never been easier to translate and localize your presentations, documents, handouts, and event recordings into many languages. 

Video transcription and subtitling

Transcription and subtitling services extend your video’s reach. Transcription enables viewers to see a printed version of spoken words on the screen in the video’s originating language. Subtitling involves translating the transcript into additional languages to enable the viewer to see words on the screen in their native tongue. Transcribing and adding multilingual subtitles to your video is a cost-effective way to reach audiences you would otherwise miss. More than 92% of people watch videos on mute. Adding a transcript allows them to experience your video when playing sound is not possible or convenient. Use these services for videos you plan to show before, during, and after your live events and for training videos.

The Ultimate Guide To Multilingual Virtual Events

Are you planning a multilingual virtual event? We offer resources to help you host one with ease. Access our essential checklist and global event guide and discover how generative AI is now possible for interpretation, captioning, and dubbing. Our guidance will put you on the right path to becoming a leader in delivering multilingual customer and event support.

Why Use Lionbridge’s Interpretation and Translation Services for Your Live Events?

If you’re thinking about using live event services, you may be concerned about its costs or complexity. You’ll get a great return on your investment by expanding your reach globally. And Lionbridge makes it easy to use these services. Here’s why you should trust Lionbridge:


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