Video Transcription, Translation and Localization

We offer end-to-end video translation, localization and transcreation services.  From locally relevant images to accurate subtitles and studio-quality audio and video production, we help you expand the reach and impact of your multimedia content.

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Customized Multimedia Localization Services to Engage Any Audience

It’s challenging to deliver engaging content across many locales. The use of video is one effective approach. 

Video marketing has grown considerably during the past five years, with 86% of companies now counting on video as a marketing tool, according to a 2021 Wyzowl video marketing report. Yet, many companies are not localizing their video. Only 56% of brand sites with video localized them, according to the Gartner L2 Intelligence Report: Localization 2019, which looked at 92 brands.    

Video localization is important because it enables you to be relevant in your target markets and expand your reach. Let us help you figure out which languages to target and how to achieve all your multimedia localization goals. 

Full-Service Video Localization Services for Your End-to-End Needs

Lionbridge multimedia services deliver customized support for your video needs for any audience, in any language.

Video and Audio Localization

Adapt your multimedia content to appeal to the cultural preferences of the people in your target markets no matter where they are from or what language they speak with video and audio localization.   

Transcription and Subtitling

Obtain accurate text of your source audio and video material through transcriptions. Use transcriptions to create subtitles, which are on-screen translations of dialogue. Subtitles enhance user experience and maximize your reach by enabling your video to be understood by users who can’t play sound or speak the language of the source content.  

Voiceover and Dubbing

Localize your audio and video content with a full auditory experience with voiceover and dubbing. A voice-over, or one-voice narrative, will suffice if you require basic multimedia localization. Consider dubbing services that involve multiple voice actors to get the message across exactly as intended for high visibility content with multiple voices. 

Video Creation and Post-Production

Create a video that is tailored to your needs and design requirements with video creation and post-production services. We execute this work with localization in mind, so it’s easy and cost efficient to localize it at a later date. We tailor post-production services to prepare your content for publishing across multiple channels and media so content delivery is fast and frictionless. 

3D Animation and Illustration

Provide multimedia content that will engage your target audience through 3D animation and illustration. Our highly experienced animators use industry-leading tools to execute work.  

Captioning (open and closed)

Make your video more accessible to those who are deaf or hard of hearing through captioning, which is an audio transcription that addresses sound effects and designates who is speaking. It is also beneficial for non-native speakers and for people who are unable to turn on sound while watching videos. We can program transcriptions so they cannot be turned off (open captions); or, we can enable transcriptions to be turned off by the viewer (closed caption). Captioning helps to increase watch times. It also helps improve search results by providing text files that search engines can read. 

When to Use Various Multimedia Services

Service Use Case
Video and Audio Localization For multimedia content that is intended to generate a broader reach
Transcription and Subtitling

For interactive content that needs to be localized in a cost-efficient manner

For videos that appear on social media 

Voiceover and Dubbing For high-value video that requires an enhanced customer experience 
Video Creation and Post-Production

For low-visibility content that needs to be localized in a cost-efficient manner

For high-visibility content that requires excellent quality

3D Animation and Illustration

For low-visibility content or high-visibility content that merely requires “good enough” quality

For high-visibility content that requires excellent quality

Captioning (open and closed)

For content that powers accessible-friendly experiences to those with hearing disabilities and those who cannot play sound 

For content that must comply with regulatory requirements, such as those mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) 

What is the difference between captioning, subtitling, dubbing and voice-over?  Read the definitive guide to video translation terminology.

Five Examples of Our End-to-End Video Services

Crisis Communications

As the threat of COVID-19 became apparent, businesses around the world needed to communicate a statement to employees. A major provider of food and health services trusted our teams to handle the creation and delivery of a 20-minute video announcement. We were able to accelerate the production of the video with subtitles in six languages—in 48 hours.

eLearning and Training

A leading global and technology hardware manufacturer contacted us to localize a series of training videos. Our team created a custom template to help them localize the content for their various branches. We successfully maintained the client’s universal training goals while satisfying the cultural and linguistic needs of the local teams. 

Corporate Communications

A global biotech producer, which conducts almost all their internal communications via video, sought our help to disseminate their video messages in six languages. We simplified the process by transcribing the English script, translating it into all six languages and overlaying subtitles onto each video. The result was a consistent message delivered across internal operations. 

Video Game Production

One global leader in technology and video game production turned to us to find the right talent for a video game voice-over. This particularly challenging project required an actor with highly specific voice characteristics. Localizing that game meant finding an actor to fit those characteristics in over 10 different languages. We met the need by calling on our international network of talent recruiters and language experts. 

Multilingual Marketing Campaigns

Our collaboration with a major telecommunications company exemplifies the advantages of our end-to-end multimedia localization services. After many years of using Lionbridge for its language services, the company saw an opportunity to use Lionbridge to create brand-specific videos pre-designed to localize into multiple languages. For one notable project, we built a global-ready storyboard, produced the video and localized it with subtitles for more than 10 different languages.

Lionbridge Multimedia Services

What makes our multimedia localization services stand out? Our ability to scale, deliver work quickly and customize localization projects. We’re the perfect fit for any company that wants to leverage videos to build strong relationships with their customers.  

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