Video Transcription, Translation and Localization

We offer end-to-end video translation, localization and transcreation services.  From locally relevant images to accurate subtitles and studio-quality audio and video production we help you expand the reach and impact of your multimedia content.

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Customized multimedia services to engage any audience

Full service video localization services for your end-to-end needs

Lionbridge multimedia services delivers customized support for your video needs for any audience, in any language including:

  • Transcription
  • Localization
  • 3D animation and illustration
  • Subtitling
  • Captioning (closed and open)
  • Voice-over
  • Dubbing
  • Video creation


What is the difference between captioning, subtitling, dubbing and voice-over?  Read the definitive guide to video translation terminology.

Multimedia Localization Services

Five examples of our end-to-end video services


As the threat of COVID-19 became apparent, businesses around the world recognized the need to communicate a statement to employees. For a major provider of food and health services, this meant delivering a video announcement, their preferred medium of communication, as soon as possible. As a long-time partner with Lionbridge, they trusted our teams to handle the creation, translation and delivery of a quality video. We were able to accelerate the production of a 20-minute video with subtitles in six languages—in 48 hours.


When a leading global technology hardware manufacturer contacted us to localize a series of training videos, our team created a template custom-built to be easily localized for their various global branches. While maintaining the client’s universal training goals and stylistic preferences, we consulted with the local teams to satisfy cultural and linguistic needs. Ultimately, our client was able to balance regional and global goals and give voice to their diverse teams around the world.


One global biotech producer, is ahead of the curve—conducting almost all of their internal communications via video. With a diverse operation representing six different languages, creating and translating their video content in-house would be extremely challenging. Instead, Lionbridge helps simplify the process. We transcribe the English script, translate it into all six languages, and then overlay subtitles onto each video. This ensures the delivery of one consistent message across internal operations.


Lionbridge is the LSP of choice for one global leader in technology and video game production. Finding the right talent for video voice-overs can be difficult, but one project was especially challenging. Our client had a very specific vision for a game that hinged on finding an actor with a certain voice characteristic. Localizing that game meant finding an actor to fit those characteristics in over 10 different languages. We called on our international network of talent recruiters and language experts. With the right talent, our globally-dispersed production studios coordinated a product that fit the criteria of our client’s vision.


We are extremely proud of our collaboration with a major telecommunications company as it exemplifies the advantages of our end-to-end multimedia services. For years, we built a rock-solid partnership as their LSP. When they learned they could come to us for video services, they saw an opportunity. Lionbridge began creating brand-specific videos pre-designed to localize into the languages they needed. For one notable project, our teams worked together from the ground up. We built a global-ready storyboard, produced the video and localized it with subtitles for more than 10 different languages.

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