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Our people are our pride, helping companies resonate with their customers for 20+ years. 

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Meet the Pride

Discover our global community of language enthusiasts

Our People Are Our Pride.

Travel the world and meet members of the Lionbridge Pride and the Lionbridge Community

Our global Pride shares a passion for language and enthusiasm for breaking barriers and building bridges. Lions make connections, solve problems, and create meaning, no matter where they’re based or what language they speak. Our hard-working Community of translators, interpreters, and Subject Matter Experts are what makes our work possible. Discover their stories and what makes them roar.

Meet the Pride

Discover why our Pride is passionate about helping our customers connect with their audiences.


Meet the Pride: Aubrey Balfour

Travel to Boise, Idaho to meet Lionbridge Games’ Test Lead Aubrey Balfour. Aubrey manages a team of testers and handles communication between the client and her team.

Meet the Pride: Robin Ayoub

Meet Robin Ayoub, Lionbridge’s General Manager for Canadian sales. Robin serves as president of CLIA, the Canadian Language Industry Association, and is passionate about connecting with other translation professionals across Canada.

Meet the Pride: Will Rowlands-Rees

Meet Lionbridge’s Chief Product Officer, Will Rowlands-Rees. Will works tirelessly to bring innovative solutions to Lionbridge customers.

Meet the Pride: Tommy Lachambre

Travel to Montreal to meet Lionbridge Gaming’s Director of Community and Crowd Services, Tommy Lachambre. Tommy has been in the games industry for over 13 years.

Meet the Pride: Jesus Ruelas

Travel to Boise, Idaho to meet Lionbridge Games’ Test Lead Jesus Ruelas. Jesus manages a team of testers and ensures testing projects stay on track.

Meet the Pride: Morgane Harmignies

Meet Morgane Harmignies, Lionbridge’s Community Management Business Partner. Morgane enjoys working with Lionbridge’s global partners and internal teams.


Meet the Pride: Vivian Yin

As Senior Test Manager for Lionbridge Games, Vivian Yin handles gaming projects that come into China. Vivian is located in Beijing and enjoys working closely with her team.

Meet the Pride: Balzac Chang

Travel to Taipei to meet Balzac Chang, Lead IPM for Lionbridge Games. Balzac works on gaming content production for Chinese languages.

Meet the Pride: Answer Zhang

Visit Lionbridge Games’ Jinan office to meet Answer Zhang, Business Development Director. Answer works on quality assurance for gaming customers.

Meet the Pride: Julien Humbert

Travel to Lionbridge Games’ Yokohama lab to meet Test Lead Julien Humbert. Julien manages a team of localization testers.


Meet the Pride: Stephen S.

Meet Stephen S., Lionbridge’s Senior VP of Language Services. Aside from unifying diverse teams of specialists, Stephen enjoys swimming, cycling, baking, and taking in the beauty of his rural Ireland home.

Meet the Pride: Javi Perez

Travel to Ireland to meet Javi Perez, Lionbridge’s Data Protection Officer. Javi is passionate about promoting a positive data protection culture at Lionbridge.

Meet the Pride: Mia Koskinen

Meet Mia Koskinen, Account Executive for Lionbridge. Mia works with large Finnish-based accounts and helps her customers discover new Lionbridge solutions and services.

Meet the Pride: Olga Madurska

Meet Lionbridge Games’ Global Program Manager, Olga Madurska. Olga manages our global base of crowd testers, community managers, and player support agents.

Meet the Pride: Sandra Wendland

Meet Sandra Wendland, Digital Marketing Manager for Lionbridge’s Global Marketing Team. Sandra lives in Switzerland and can speak five languages.

Lionbridge is international, multilingual, and fast-moving. What I love most about my job is working with passionate, engaged colleagues and the variety of work. I am invigorated by developing new ideas and seeing them implemented.

–Sandra Wendland

Meet the Community

Our tireless Community members interpret, translate, and review content for a global audience.


Meet the Community: Alejandro Z.

Meet Alejandro Z., an English-to-Spanish translator residing in Canada who has been a member of the Lionbridge Community since 2014.

Meet the Community: Claudia B.

Meet Claudia B., a Portuguese translation partner who lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Claudia has partnered with Lionbridge for over a decade.

Meet the Community: Kathleen T.

Meet Kathleen T., a German-to-English translator from Arizona who joined the Lionbridge Community in 2015.

Meet the Community: Christina D.

Meet Christina D., a Portuguese interpreter from Mississippi. Christina has over 10 years of experience as an interpreter.


Meet the Community: Jagruti Trivedi

Meet Jagruti Trivedi, an English, Hindi, and Gujarati translator from Gujarat, India, who has been a member of the Lionbridge Community since 2006.

Meet the Community: Connie H.

Meet Connie H., a Japanese-to-English translator from Ashikaga, Japan, who joined the Lionbridge Community in 2019.

Meet the Community: Lanny W.

Meet Lanny W., an English-to-Indonesian translation partner who resides in Jawa Timur, Indonesia. Lanny has been a part of the Lionbridge Community since 2012.

Meet the Community: Zhang J.

Meet Zhang J., a Lionbridge partner who translates both to and from English and Chinese. Zhang has partnered with Lionbridge since 2015.

Meet the Community: Alex P.

Meet Alex P., a Senior APAC Lead and Resourcing Manager in the Translation Units for Lionbridge. Alex is a Romanian native living in Japan.

Meet the Community: Shoko Y.

Meet Shoko Y., an English-to-Japanese Translation Partner who has been a part of the Lionbridge Community since 2018. Shoko lives in the province of Kanagawa, Japan.

Meet the Community: Amrita G.

Meet Amrita G., a Hindi Language Lead who has partnered with Lionbridge for more than 10 years. She lives in Allahabad, India.

Meet the Community: Serdar O.

Meet Serdar O., an English-to-Turkish translation partner from Turkey. Serdar has been a member of the Lionbridge Community since 2010.


Meet the Community: Dr. Luciano P.

Meet Dr. Luciano P., a doctor from Rome who has been a part of the Lionbridge Community since 2006. Luciano works on Life Sciences clinical review projects and translations.

Meet the Community: Ana María R.

Meet Ana María R., an English-to-Spanish translator from Burgos, Spain, who has been a member of the Lionbridge Community since 2003.

Meet the Community: Laura Z.

Meet Laura Z., an English-to-Italian translator and Lead Linguist from Venice. She has been a part of the Lionbridge Community since 2010.

Meet the Community: Ana A.

Meet Ana A., an English-to-Spanish translator from Madrid, Spain who has been a member of the Lionbridge Community since 2002.

Meet the Community: Jacques B.

Meet Jacques B., a French Subject Matter Expert living in Belgium. He has a Ph.D. in pharmacology and has been a part of the Lionbridge Community for more than 18 years.

Translation is a form of art. You have to take something that is very meaningful and valuable for someone and make it equally meaningful and valuable for someone who has a completely different perspective.

–Alejandro Z.

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