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Our people are our pride, helping companies resonate with their customers for 20+ years. 

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Premium Translation Services for the Luxury Sector

Deliver your brand’s message to global audiences with tailored language solutions.

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Exceptional Experiences in Every Market

Capture the essence of your brand and convey its unique story to customers worldwide.

Taking your luxury brand global is a demanding task that requires attention to detail, deeply rooted brand culture, and expertise working with exclusive clientele. Lionbridge understands the particular challenges and goals that come with:

  • Luxury E-Commerce
  • Digital merchandising and marketing
  • Retail operation
  • Brand strategy
  • Social media engagement
  • Creative content
  • Sustainability reporting

Our range of services is tailored to meet these unique needs. We offer a comprehensive suite of language solutions to create, adapt, and transform engaging content that captivates your target audience. Lionbridge combines linguistic prowess with extensive industry experience. We’ll work closely with your brand to create messaging that resonates with customers globally.

We Know Luxury.

At Lionbridge, we understand the world of luxury and embrace its core values. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest quality standards. Our experts specialize in delivering exceptional luxury content to expand global reach and drive sales in diverse markets.

Get Closer to your Customers

“In today's world, it's essential to give your clientele a personalized experience. Connecting with customers one-on-one fosters loyalty, strengthens brand culture, and leverages your unique selling points to the prospects that value them most. This is even truer with luxury brands, whose sustained growth relies on strong customer relationships.

Combining AI-driven language solutions with the creativity of our Luxury experts, Lionbridge is uniquely positioned to capture the essence of your brand and deliver engaging multilingual content to audiences all over the globe.”

- Joel Ali – Enterprise Solutions Director - Head of Luxury

Working with Lionbridge has been a success since day one. Their agility and close customer service meant they were able to set up structured workflows quickly, integrate their connectors seamlessly, and scale up over time as our localization needs changed. Through their usage of automation and AI-enabled technologies, Lionbridge has been able to deliver on our fast turnaround requirements. A trusted partner for several years now, we rely on their guidance and expertise as new language challenges arise for our business.

Senior Localization Director, Luxury Lifestyle Brand

Luxury Goods Translation Services

Connect your brand to audiences worldwide without sacrificing your message’s integrity. With language support for all business departments and industry sectors, we’ll ensure your company’s presence is clear, coherent, and harmonious, inside and out.

Website Localization

Your online presence can significantly impact the perceived quality of your brand and its products. Give customers a web experience that feels like it was tailored for them with our holistic approach to website localization. We go beyond simple text translation to transform your site’s formatting, functionality, and digital merchandising. Lionbridge can help you appeal to the cultural sensitivities of your target audience. From navigation and layout to e-commerce content and product descriptions, we’ll help you craft a seamless, integrated digital experience.

Retail Support

For luxury brands, a first-class in-store experience is crucial to maintaining your reputation. In addition to visual merchandising assets, we support your employee training and eLearning programs to foster retail excellence, drive revenue, and build customer loyalty. We’ll translate your existing materials and help you create new, highly effective regional training programs to ensure consistently excellent service in every locale.

Technical Document Translation

There’s more to every company than the consumer aspect. Our technical document translation enables you to communicate more effectively with employees, partners, stakeholders, retailers, and manufacturers. Ensure everyone in your outfit is well-informed with support for creating and adapting:

  • Sustainability reports

  • Financial reports

  • Manufacturing specifications

  • Contracts

  • Internal communications

  • and More

Marketing Translation and Customer Relationship Management

Marketing is foundational for any strong brand – you need a trustworthy partner to bring your unique message across borders. When you work with us, you’ll be taken through a thorough discovery phase. We’ll develop a deep understanding of your brand culture, create a customized brand glossary, and help create a marketing strategy that’s true to your brand identity. We specialize in creating in-market content, including multimedia content, that will resonate with local audiences and ensure brand consistency through various channels and touchpoints.

Packaging Translation

Your packaging is a core part of your brand. From graphics, text, and colors to labels, tags, and warnings, our holistic approach to translation ensures that every element of your packaging design is:

  • Aligned with your brand

  • Culturally relevant

  • Meeting regional regulatory requirements

We also translate product specification sheets, assembly instructions, and product care guidelines, so your customers get the most from their purchases.

Global Event Support

When you host events, it’s vital to ensure that all your attendees can fully participate. Whether it’s online or in person, tradeshow or fashion show, business conference or gala, our interpretation services have you covered. In addition to live interpretation support, we offer conference interpreting/Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) services in over 380 languages, so you can take your events global.

Industries We Serve

Fashion & Accessories

Leather Goods & Shoes

Watches & Fine Jewelry

Beauty & Perfumes

How Lionbridge Helps a Leading German Luxury Fashion Retailer Reach Its Online Global Buyers

The luxury apparel sector has turned toward the internet in the wake of the pandemic. Brands with a stronger online presence have begun to thrive – and Lionbridge can help you do the same. Read the case study to learn how we helped a leading German luxury fashion retailer maximize its global reach with efficient, high-quality product descriptions and website translations.

Customer Quote

“I want to pause and take the time to properly thank you for your endless and undivided support. Not only for the translation and also for the interpretation, you’ve delivered, with flexibility, agility, reactivity, and proactivity, every time we needed you.”

Luxury Translation Services FAQs

These are answers to questions our customers frequently ask.

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