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Our people are our pride, helping companies resonate with their customers for 20+ years. 

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Content Created for Local Audiences, on a Global Scale

Your trusted partner in creating hard-hitting content that resonates with your global customers, in more industries than anyone else.

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Get the right message to the right audience from the start.

As your international agency, we bring your message to life.

Our in-market content creation services teams equip you with the experts you need to create culturally relevant content primed for superior translation, localization, or transcreation, ready to reach global markets from the start.

Technical Content Services

End-to-end technical content creation—in any format, in any language.

Creating accurate technical content that trumpets your message requires extra skill and attention. With over 30,000 technically qualified language experts in a broad range of industries and ISO-certified global production facilities, we help you write, illustrate, edit, and publish the highly technical content your customers require.

Technical Writing

We create your traditional printed technical documentation, online help, web content, ecommerce, and next-generation solutions like augmented reality, making quality multilingual communication accessible.

Training and eLearning

We get your employees excited about your corporate training, with elearning training activities designed for interactivity. Our corporate elearning training platform keeps your company ahead of the curve, so you can keep your employees engaged and your customers happy.

CAD and 3D Modeling and Media

Our experts use best-in-class CAD and 3D Modeling software to create detailed renderings that demonstrate how your product works, so your customers can understand how to assemble, repair, and use the tools you’ve created for them.

Specialty Content Services

Count on us to make your words count.

When you need expert help drafting highly specialized content—from financial reports to marketing campaigns, scientific articles to clinical trial manuals—you need the depth and breadth of Lionbridge specialty content creation services.

Financial Reports

Exemplary financial reports require the combination of superior writing skills and incomparable business acumen. When you need to draft an annual report, quarterly report, or financial report, you can count on Lionbridge to quickly, securely deliver the nuance of native speakers and the accuracy and consistency of finance experts.

Marketing Documents

Reach every target market and relieve internal pressure with international marketing agency services. Retain your brand voice and message while resonating with customers on their terms and at global scale.

Web Content

A successful website, app, and digital content strategy takes more than pleasing images and an attractive layout. Keep your visitors coming back for more with an appealing design and highly readable text, no matter how complicated your business.

Narrative Services

Here’s the story.

Create a story that thrills, inspires, and excites—in every language and every market.



Narrative Design

We define a game’s core emotional elements (character, theme, and brand identity) at source, so you can quickly adapt them to future individual target markets.



With our storyboarding services, we help you outline the elements of your story for gaming and multimedia production, so your vision comes to life globally.


Content Creation Resources

Lionbridge Writing Services

When you need high-quality writing specialists, Lionbridge Writing Services can help. Our qualified writers specialize in specific segments of all major industries, from financial and medical to marketing and technical.

Lionbridge Technical Content Services

Companies that care about the highest quality and safety standards turn to Lionbridge to support them with end-to-end technical documentation services.

Multilingual Digital Campaigns

Going global with your email marketing program adds complexity and cultural barriers that can be difficult for your central team to manage. Let us help.

Outranking the World: 3 Common Sense International SEO Tips

How do you ensure high-quality SEO when working with a multilingual, multi-national site?

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