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We eliminate communication barriers, so you can speak clearly to patients and healthcare professionals all over the world.

It’s your job to develop the life-saving drugs and devices that make the world a healthier place. Let us be your trusted partner. From IP protection to clinical trials to supporting the safe use of your products, we help you with the details and deliverables you need to bring your messages and products to the world—safely, accurately, efficiently, and in regulatory compliance.

Understanding your business is a science.

Learn how Lionbridge Life Sciences Services can support your translation & localization needs and work as an extension of your team.


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"Switching translation vendors to Lionbridge has made a big impact... Not only did we automate the localization workflow between Author-it and Lionbridge, Lionbridge also upgraded Philips’ Translation Memories to optimize the matching result with Author-it content.”

Rob Bakker
IT Business Partner, Philips

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Your industry partner at every step

At every touchpoint on your go-to-market journey, from the initial phases of development to confidently satisfying strict regulatory requirements to the moment your drug or device makes its way safely and effectively to patients worldwide, Lionbridge helps you get there faster—with less risk.


Clinical Translations

We translate the full gamut of documents related to clinical trials, whether they contain scientific, medical, legal, or plain language content.

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Product Labeling and Filing

We ensure global understanding of final product label content for your drug, including prescribing information, SmPCs for healthcare professionals and regulators, package labeling and inserts, and more. We validate your label content in order to ensure that it is accurate, complete, and compliant in every market and language you require.


Medical Device Translations

We keep uses of your medical devices safe with our high-quality, compliant translations of translate IFUs, product inserts, packaging materials, technical manuals, and user guides.


Clinical Outcome Assessments

We translate and validate all types of CoAs, support copyright and licensing, and help migrate eCoA services from paper to digital files.


Drug Labeling & Validation

We translate and validate primary, secondary, and/or tertiary labels for investigational drugs, placebo, comparator drugs, or auxiliary medicinal drugs used for clinical protocol endpoints.

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Social Media Listening

What are end users saying about you on social networks? We find out, so you can ensure the best possible user experience and maintain brand loyalty.


Multilingual Digital Campaigns

Our global digital marketing services team collaborates closely with you and offers the language, cultural, and technical expertise you need to stay relevant with your global audiences, meet your marketing goals, and keep your costs and schedules in check.


Multilingual Website Optimization

Let Lionbridge help you centralize your digital website services and seamlessly create a unified, highly resonant customer experience worldwide. From multilingual website design to international SEO, we help you maximize message resonance and response across buyers, languages, and cultures.


Visual Adaptation

When you’re creating a truly global campaign, you need to make sure every element of your message—from text to imagery to video—resonates with customers in every location. We can help.


Desktop Publishing Services

We provide desktop publishing services for all types of regulated content.


Community Support

We make sure you stay connected with your community of users, so you can answer their questions quickly and solve their problems effectively.


Medical Device Software UI Testing

We test your software to ensure an intuitive and accurate experience for your users.

Meet Our Life Sciences Experts

Get to know your compliance partners

Mark Aiello

Mark Aiello

With an extensive regulatory background, Mark partners with customers to bring life-saving products to market while meeting and exceeding regulatory standards.

Pia Windelov

Pia Windelov

As the Director of Product Strategy for Lionbridge Life Sciences, Pia brings 15 years’ experience in R&D in the pharmaceutical, CRO, and MedTech sectors.

Dirk Didden

Dirk Didden

As Senior Director Life Sciences Operations Dirk manages the Lionbridge Life Sciences operations team. He is RAPS certified for pharmaceuticals and medical devices.


Life Sciences Thought Leadership

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Clinical Trial Labeling—What Does Compliance Look Like and How Does the Pharmaceutical Industry Best Manage It?

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Efficient, Flawless Clinical Trial Translations

A strong start is critical for an effective clinical trial. Be an internationalization leader—consider language translation from the beginning, and you’ll realize a stronger trial execution—from study inception to completion.


Global clinical trial planning requires early and sophisticated consideration of the costs, complexities, and risks surrounding communications. Language is a mission—critical element of culturally and regulatory appropriate content containing all forms of communication.

Lionbridge Life Sciences has extensive experience in global clinical trial translation, providing end—to—end services for a wide range of documentation. Our clinical teams scale programs for trials of all sizes, offering service and support on a global scale to produce accurate, consistent translations and deliver the greatest impact for your message across many languages, markets, and cultures.

“[Lionbridge] really adapted to our needs. They understood what we were looking for, and they came to the table with some very unique and appropriate solutions to address our needs.”

Senior Clinical Vendor Manager at Leading CRO

Accurate, Compliant Drug Labels in all Markets.

Bring your drugs to market as quickly as possible, so you can deliver medicine safely and effectively to the people who need it most around the world.


Accurate and compliant regulatory drug labels are critical elements of an expedient go-to-market strategy. Regulatory compliance, accurate translation, and the correct use of standardized medical terminology, such as MedDRA and EDQM, facilitate correct drug administration, irrespective of the market or therapeutic indication.

What’s more, global product launches often require translations into an overwhelming number of languages and layers of regulations with which to comply.

To ensure accuracy and compliance without sacrificing speed, you need a qualified Language Services Provider. You need Lionbridge.

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