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Lionbridge Life Sciences Translation and Life Sciences Marketing

Your world-class partner for quality, compliant global Life Science Communications

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Medical translation services for safer medicine everywhere

We eliminate communication barriers so you can speak clearly to patients and health care professionals (HCPs) all over the world

It’s your job to develop the life-saving drug therapies and medical devices that make the world a healthier place. Let us be your trusted partner for regulated, compliant life science translations and linguistic validation, as well as advanced multimedia and marketing services designed for life sciences. From IP protection to clinical trials, drug filings to product launches, our propositions build on advanced translation methodologies to enable the safe use of your products and support the full life cycle of your drugs and devices. All with the accuracy you require to bring your messages and products to the world—safely, accurately, efficiently, and in regulatory compliance.


Innovation to Immunity

With several COVID-19 vaccines available under emergency use approvals, the next challenges include manufacture and distribution--and convincing people around the world to accept new immunization technology.

Patient Engagement

Our life sciences experts address the importance of fostering relationship with informed participants and how best to reach your audience.  

Disruption Series

Commentary on industry changes as a result of COVID-19.


The one year reprieve from new regulations is over; what do medical device companies need to know?

Understanding your business is a science.

Learn how Lionbridge Life Sciences Services can support your translation & localization needs and work as an extension of your team.


Doing more for your business, every day.

"Switching translation vendors to Lionbridge has made a big impact... Not only did we automate the localization workflow between Author-it and Lionbridge, Lionbridge also upgraded Philips’ Translation Memories to optimize the matching result with Author-it content.”

Rob Bakker, IT Business Partner, Philips

Our Life Sciences Customers



Life Science Services–Life Sciences Translation & Life Sciences Marketing

Your global Life Sciences industry partner at every step

At every touchpoint on your go-to-market journey, from drug or device development to the moment your product makes its way safely and effectively to patients worldwide, Lionbridge helps you get there faster—with less risk.



Clinical Translation

Our services encompass the full gamut of clinical trial translation needs—from documentation related to clinical research, to clinical trial translation, to plain-language summaries of clinical trial results.


Drug Product Labeling and Filing

We ensure global understanding of final product label content for your drug, including prescribing information, SPCs for healthcare professionals and regulators, package labeling and inserts, and more. We validate your label content in order to ensure that it is accurate, complete, and compliant in every market and language you require.


Medical Device Translations

We help ensure safe use of your medical device with our high-quality, compliant translation services for product inserts, instructions for use, packaging materials, technical manuals, and user guides.


Clinical Outcome Assessments

We translate and perform linguistic validation on all types of COAs—PROs, ClinROs, ObsROs, and PerfOs—plus support copyright and licensing and help migrate COAs from paper to digital files.


Drug Labeling & Validation

We translate and validate primary, secondary, and/or tertiary drug labels for investigational drugs, placebo, comparator drugs, or auxiliary medicinal drugs used for clinical protocol endpoints—and help you meet GMP standards for accurate, compliant drug labels in all markets


Social Media Listening

What are end users saying about you on social networks? We find out, so you can ensure the best possible user experience and maintain brand loyalty. Plus, we help you leverage social media listening to design clinical trials, learn about competitor drugs, and improve the patient experience.


Multilingual Digital Campaigns

Our global digital marketing services team collaborates closely with you and offers the language, cultural, and technical expertise you need to stay relevant with your global audiences, meet your Life Sciences marketing goals, and keep your costs and schedules in check.


Multilingual Website Optimization

Let Lionbridge help you centralize your digital website services and seamlessly create a unified, highly resonant customer experience worldwide. From multilingual website design to international SEO, we help you maximize message resonance and response across buyers, languages, and cultures.


Visual Adaptation

When you’re creating a truly global Life Sciences campaign, you need to make sure every element of your message—from text to imagery to video—resonates with customers in every location. We can help.


Desktop Publishing Services

We provide desktop publishing services for all types of regulated content.


Community Support

We make sure you stay connected with your community of users, so you can answer their questions quickly and solve their problems effectively.


Medical Device Software UI Testing

We test your software to ensure an intuitive and accurate experience for your users.

Meet Our Life Sciences Experts

Get to know your compliance partners


Nataliya Volohov

As Director of Clinical Solutions, Nataliya draws on her extensive experience in the clinical research industry. She develops and supports differentiated solutions for Lionbridge customers. Additionally, Nataliya supports sales and customer engagements as a subject matter expert.   

Melinda Johnson

As Director of Global Clinical Outcome Assessment (COA) Operations, Melinda draws on her linguistic background and deep COA domain expertise. She helps improve patient-centered research and tailors solutions for customers’ needs, including quality, timeliness, and innovation. 

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Camilla de Villiers

As Managing Director, Life Sciences, Camilla is responsible for business unit strategy, customer propositions, sales, and service delivery for Lionbridge Life Sciences.

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Mark Aiello

As VP of Sales, Life Sciences, Mark is responsible for Lionbridge’s go-to-market organization. He also focuses on developing relationships and partnerships with customers to help bring innovative therapeutic solutions to patients worldwide. Mark has extensive experience working across the highly regulated Life Sciences sector. He has a proven track record in helping drive positive business outcomes for key customers across the globe.  

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Megan Duff

Megan Duff, Licensing Project Manager, has extensive project management experience in various areas of the clinical research industry. She has worked at a CRO, eCOA vendor, and COA licensor. Megan is focused on prioritizing safety and efficacy in subject-centered research through COAs. She guides Lionbridge clients through the licensing process to ensure all requirements are met and there’s comprehensive documentation.  

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Paraic O’Donnell

Paraic is Lionbridge’s Director of Technical Solutions for medical devices. An industry veteran, he has over two decades of experience in language and technology services. Paraic was trained in computational linguistics. He is keenly interested in life sciences and helping enable positive patient outcomes. Paraic brings deep subject matter expertise to his role and helps customers solve their business challenges.

Life Sciences Thought Leadership

Successfully Authoring and Translating Plain Language Summaries

How can you make highly technical scientific content accessible to a lay audience?

How to Design a Successful Clinical Trial Amid Stringent New EU Regulations

What this means for partners like you

Clinical Trial Labeling—What Does Compliance Look Like and How Does the Pharmaceutical Industry Best Manage It?

Check out this webinar from Lionbridge and DIA.

The Nuances of COA Translation: Planning Ahead for Better Outcomes

Complex clinical trials require a comprehensive approach to Clinical Outcome Assessments (COAs)— and a plan for translation at every step.

Welcome to the time-crunch

How the new Clinical Trial Regulation impacts clinical trial timelines and processes in the EU.

The Disruption Series

A commentary on industry changes as a result of COVID-19

How communication, multimedia and language can add value to virtual clinical trials

In this webinar, Lionbridge will talk about the implications of Covid-19 on the current clinical trial landscape and offer perspectives on the value of multimedia, language and electronic data capture of clinical outcomes assessments.

Patient Centricity: The Key to Success in Global Rare Disease Trials

In this webinar, Clincierge will draw on their extensive experience directly supporting rare disease trial participants around the globe with travel and relocation logistics.

Recruiting and Retaining Patients around the Globe

How can CROs and trial sponsors provide a smooth participant experience in any language and any geography? Concierge-style logistics management from Clincierge lifts the weight off patients and improves trial enrollment and retention. But to reach and support participants in any geography, they needed an experienced language services provider. Learn how Lionbridge’s speed and accuracy improved the Clincierge workflow.

Efficient, Flawless Clinical Trial Translations

A strong start is critical for an effective clinical trial. Be an internationalization leader—consider language translation from the beginning, and you’ll realize a stronger trial execution—from study inception to completion.

Lead the way with high-quality, compliant global clinical trial translations from the very beginning. A strong start is critical for an effective clinical trial. Consider language translation from the beginning, and you’ll realize a stronger trial execution—from study start-up to study report. Global clinical trial planning requires early and sophisticated consideration of the costs, complexities, and risks surrounding communications. Language is a mission—critical element of culturally and regulatory appropriate content containing all forms of communication.

Lionbridge Life Sciences has extensive experience in global clinical trial translation, providing end—to—end services for a wide range of documentation. Our clinical teams scale programs for trials of all sizes, offering service and support on a global scale to produce accurate, consistent translations and deliver the greatest impact for your message across many languages, markets, and cultures.


“Lionbridge really adapted to our needs. They understood what we were looking for, and they came to the table with some very unique and appropriate solutions to address our needs.”

Senior Clinical Vendor Manager at Leading CRO

Accurate, Compliant Drug Labels in all Markets.

Bring your drugs to market as quickly as possible, so you can deliver medicine safely and effectively to the people who need it most around the world.

Medical translation services for all markets

Accurate and compliant regulatory drug labels are critical elements of an expedient go-to-market strategy. Regulatory compliance, accurate translation, and the correct use of standardized medical terminology, such as MedDRA and EDQM, facilitate correct drug administration, irrespective of the market or therapeutic indication.

What’s more, global product launches often require translations into an overwhelming number of languages and layers of regulations with which to comply.

To ensure accuracy and compliance without sacrificing speed, you need a qualified Language Services Provider. You need Lionbridge.


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Our team was able to significantly reduce the turnaround time and provide the translation and regulatory validations that Karyopharm needed to launch this clinical trial. We are very proud to have a role in this critical work.
"THANK YOU. Your performance has been extraordinary and we appreciate it greatly.”

Gary Abernathy
Executive Director, Supply Chain, Karyopharm

Clinical Trial Execution in a Pandemic Age

In this webinar, Lionbridge will talk about the implications of Covid-19 on the current clinical trial landscape and offer perspectives on the value of multimedia, language and electronic data capture of clinical outcomes assessments.