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Manufacturing Translation Services

Take your productivity to the next level with ISO-compliant manufacturing translation

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Content Excellence for Every Channel, Language, and Audience.

Localize your content to deliver best-in-class customer experiences, achieve outstanding product performance, and comply with regulations in every language.

Your manufacturing business has a lot of moving parts — stakeholders, engineers, importers, resellers, installers, and your end customers. You must reach many audiences, each one requiring different types of content. Keeping up in today’s global market means you must translate everything from installation guides and user manuals to website content and software interfaces to ensure your products function at peak performance. Technical content calls for skilled professionals who know how to handle industry-specific terminology and deliver complicated messaging to experts and laypersons alike.

Our proprietary Lainguage Cloud™ is an AI-powered content platform that brings automation to your translation workflows and reduces human efforts, making the localization process scalable, fast, and cost-effective. Built on the world's largest corpus of professionally translated material and backed by a network of talented translators, the Lainguage Cloud enables you to increase your content velocity without compromising accuracy or security. We help you to deliver content and simultaneously offer support with our end-to-end connectivity so your end customers can benefit from real-time content at every stage of their journey.

Give your global teams a secure space to communicate and increase your service teams’ multilingual flexibility with Smairt MT™, our enterprise-grade Machine Translation solution. Smairt MT houses an internal portal to remove language barriers among your global teams and keep sensitive information private. By using Smairt MT with Smairt Content™, our language AI offering, you can ensure your source material is perfected before it gets to the translation stage to prevent costly errors and improve readability in all languages.

Making a proactive investment in multilingual content has cost-saving benefits when businesses need to report on their sustainability measures. Rising climate concerns add pressure on manufacturers to keep up with the increased demand for new products, solutions, and transparent messaging. Partnering with an LSP to establish translation workflows, implement Neural Machine Translation (NMT), and train MT engines now will make it easier and less expensive to relay important messages to global audiences in the future.

Lionbridge can help you save costs, reduce your time to market, navigate International Organization for Standardization (ISO) compliance, and maintain content quality so you can achieve market growth and content performance you never thought possible.

Mirka Case Study: Content Translation for Global Marketing

Mirka is an industry-leading, Finnish-based company in the coated and non-woven abrasives industry. Lionbridge transformed their global digital marketing strategy, specifically translating new content for their app and website. Lionbridge helped the company translate all its content quickly and with one, consistent brand voice across six languages. Utilizing their existing content management platform, Optimizely, our solution empowered Mirka to reach its customer base, reduce its content translation workload and timelines, and focus on delivering and optimizing more content faster.  Learn about Lionbridge’s customized solution for Mirka, resulting in 20% savings in translation costs.  

Our Industrial Manufacturing Customers



Industrial Manufacturing Services

Translate technical and business content to comply with your industry’s regulations in every language. 

From user and technical manuals to knowledge base articles and digital content, our solutions help you deliver the right information to any audience.


Website Localization

Build a website that feels personal on a global scale with localized, persuasive messaging, engaging content, and a custom design that feels intuitive to each local market.

Software Localization

Work with our UX team to translate your software’s copy, localize its design, and provide your clients with a best-in-class experience in any international market.

Training and eLearning

Equip your customers and employees with clear and accurate training materials localized for any global market, including interactive online training modules, games, and videos. We’ll help you localize your anticorruption and compliance policies, cyber security literacy programs, product and aftersales training content, and more.

Technical Information Development

Keep your products working safely and accurately through comprehensive technical documentation that helps your end users install, operate, and maintain your equipment.

Marketing, Copywriting, and Transcreation

Create engaging, localized marketing content, including e-commerce material, product descriptions, localized apps, and social media posts to connect with your customers throughout the customer journey.

Product Design and Engineering

Prioritize core engineering tasks by outsourcing design and engineering support to us, allowing your team to focus on adding value to your product. 

Graphics and Multimedia Development

Work with our designers to create graphics, technical illustrations, animations, and videos that will be the envy of your industry.

Engineering Support

Maximize productivity by using our fully-managed service to collect and analyze data, maintain the quality database, and perform process engineering tasks.

Logistics and Provisioning

Get the most out of your equipment by working with our engineers on integrated logistics planning, life cycle costs, and support requirements.

2D/3D Modeling and Drafting

Work with our engineers to generate or update Computer-aided Design (CAD) models and assemblies, with a laser focus on quality assurance and added support for strategic scheduling.

Technical Manual Translation

Get unparalleled translation quality from translators who bring vast industry experience to your technical documents. Our experts will ensure that every piece comes across effortlessly.

Investment Content and Financial Reporting

Communicate with all your stakeholders around the world — we consistently and accurately translate, proofread, and copyedit your quarterly and annual reports. We also take care of investment and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) content such as market reports, performance reports, macroeconomic reports, and press releases in all markets.

Manufacturing & Engineering Industries

Our translators have expertise in virtually every domain to provide your business with expert localization services, no matter what subject you require. Our areas of expertise include:

Industry Specialities
High-tech Consumer Products Mobile Devices, Laptops, Printers, Watches, Connected Objects, Audio Equipment, Televisions, Home Appliances
Energy Solar, Waste Management, Wind, Gas, Water, Air Conditioning
Chemical Agriculture, Food, Cereals, Petrochemical
Machinery Cranes, Tractors, Elevators, Machine Tools, Electronic Materials
Transportation Aircraft, Helicopters, Submarines, Trains, Subways, Busses, Tires
Flooring and Building Construction Adhesives, Paint, Lubricants, Office Supplies, Tools and Equipment
Sport Fitness, Cycling, Running, Mobility, Wellbeing Apps

SIEMENS Gamesa Case Study

Learn how we helped the renewable energy pioneer cut costs during large manufacturing translation projects.

SIEMENS Gamesa has partnered with Lionbridge to manage high-volume localization projects and translate a complex array of structured content. Using a range of Lionbridge’s tools and capabilities, including Linguistic Toolbox and the Lionbridge Laⁱnguage Cloud, we’ve translated 58 million words in 35 languages together. Our partnership has helped SIEMENS Gamesa to increase its content volume and cut translation costs by 40%.

How Lionbridge Serves Different Business Areas

Lionbridge works with your business to create and localize content related to standard manufacturing materials and provides services to meet your unique needs.

Employee and Talents Training

Lionbridge eLearning experts will design, develop, build, host, and translate your training materials, including anticorruption and compliance, cyber security, and product and aftersales content.  

Customer Journey Lifecycle

Lionbridge crafts compelling local content in every language to help global retailers deliver an exceptional customer experience anywhere. Our translation and localization services address e-commerce content, product descriptions, apps, social media, brand communications, copywriting, and copyediting.

Investor Content, Mergers, and Acquisitions

We create, edit, and translate investor content and essential communications in local languages, including annual reports, press releases, and internal communications.

Real-Time Support

Lionbridge’s real-time communication services add multilingual capabilities to your digital channels, including multilingual chat and over-the-phone interpretation.


We help your organization centralize language needs to ensure brand consistency and cost-value efficiency.

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Take the first step towards a localization workflow that delivers accurate, compliant manufacturing translations.

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