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Your work is complicated, requiring intense training, testing, and highly technical documentation in multiple languages for a global market. We partner with companies like yours in a wide array of industries, and our support helps you reduce cycle times and costs.


Video Case Study from SIEMENS Gamesa

Learn more about how we supported a major client.

Today, SIEMENS Gamesa offers customers a vast portfolio of wind products available in over 90 countries. Siemens Gamesa relies on the proactive professionals at Lionbridge for the success of its brand, and Lionbridge has successfully cut SIEMENS Gamesa’s translation costs by 40% .


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Industrial Manufacturing Services

Superior technical and business content in every language, everywhere.

From user and technical manuals to how-to videos, knowledge base articles, and digital content, our solutions deliver high-quality support information to global audiences.



Technical Information Development

Build your brand loyalty and keep your products working safely and accurately every time. We produce comprehensive, high-quality technical documentation that helps your end-users install, operate, maintain, and repair your equipment and devices.


Logistics & Provisioning

Our engineers support integrated logistics planning that maximizes equipment service while maintaining life cycle costs and support requirements.


Training & eLearning

We get your employees excited about your corporate training, with eLearning training activities designed for interactivity. Our corporate eLearning training platform keeps your company ahead of the curve, so you can keep your employees engaged and your customers happy.


2D/3D Modeling and Drafting

We work with you to generate or update CAD models and assemblies, seamlessly interacting with engineers and your leadership to support strategic scheduling and financial goals while ensuring industry and business quality standards.


Product Design and Engineering

Did you know that engineers spend only 35% of their time on core engineering tasks? Let us help you shift that paradigm and save time and money in the process. Our design and engineering support services keep your engineers focused on what they do best.


Graphics and Multimedia Development

Sometimes, a picture really is worth a thousand words. When you need a superior graphic, technical illustration, animation, or video, look no further-Lionbridge can help.


Engineering Support

Ensure your engineering function is making the best use of its capabilities and time. Our fully-managed service includes Engineering Change Orders, engineering data collection and analysis, quality database maintenance, and process engineering.


Website and Marketing Content

How do you bridge the gap between technical and marketing content? Our experts optimize the user experience while ensuring your customers find the information they need.

Industrial Manufacturing Thought Leadership

Augmented Reality Use Cases for Manufacturers

The emergence of Augmented Reality (AR) technology in recent years has been a boon for a wide swathe of companies, which have leveraged the technology to blend the digital world with the real one, creating captivating, semi-real-life experiences for users.

How BAE Systems Maritime-Naval Ships Benefited from a Strategic Technical Documentation Partner

Learn about how Lionbridge help support complex systems through translated technical documentation and technical experience.

Technical Content Solution Brief

Your brand and your business are built on quality and reliability-factors that depend on rigorous pre-release testing. So after investing considerable time, effort, and resources into customer interaction with your products, don’t leave user experience to chance.

Technical Data Solution Brief

Do obstacles slow you down and prevent meaningful process improvements? Build a more agile and innovative process with guidance from our consulting experts.