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Leave a Lasting Impact with Custom eLearning Solutions

From design and development to production and hosting, Lionbridge delivers engaging and effective eLearning solutions for any audience in any language.

Bridging our expertise in content creation, localization, and technology, we help you create, improve, expand, translate, and modernize your training materials to give your audience the learning experience they deserve.

Our team of 500,000+ experts includes researchers, cultural consultants, instructional designers, multimedia specialists, voiceover talent, project managers, and technicians to support your content journey from inception to live maintenance.

Using our proven methodology, we develop every course with your specific audience in mind to ensure that content is appropriate, memorable, cohesive, and, most of all, compelling.

Modern eLearning Solutions

In an increasingly digital and global world, you need to serve a wider audience and embrace innovation without sacrificing quality.

Our courseware services help keep your organization ahead of the curve by providing cost-effective, flexible, scalable, and future-proof solutions.

Higher Engagement

Well-designed courseware helps audiences digest information, decreases time to competence, and achieves a more favorable response to training. Our multimedia teams are well-versed in strategies to keep learners invested, including:

  • Competency-based learning
  • Micro-learning
  • Personalized learning
  • Social learning
  • Gamification
  • Mobile learning
  • More

Improved Remote Work Environment

With a global workforce, achieving consistent and high-quality training across geographies can be difficult. Our programs overcome common obstacles by enabling asynchronous learning, cross-regional alignment, and remote hands-on experiences.

Global Reach

When it comes to virtual learning, simple translation isn't enough. We consult regional teams to align cultural focus and regional priorities while maintaining content integrity. Our courseware is transcreated to provide the optimal experience for your target audiences.


Lionbridge instructional designers build content with a global audience in mind. Our Globalization-at-Source methodology improves the quality of source language materials and ensures that content is ready for global distribution, preserving informational and instructional intent across diverse cultures and languages. Our transcreation process integrates content development and translation to reduce the time and cost of creating multilingual content.

Why Choose Lionbridge?

We've been named one of the top 20 training outsourcing companies 13 years in a row. Depend on our robust infrastructure, talent network, and innovative approach for your optimal eLearning content. 

Training & eLearning Services

Lionbridge offers a full suite of eLearning services to support you through the entire courseware development cycle and beyond.

Instructional Design and Content Creation

The foundation of any educational program is its structure. We build your program from the ground up, starting with thorough audience analysis, topic research, and roadmapping. Before storyboarding your course, we’ll help you define core competencies, key learning objectives, and optimal delivery tactics. Our instructional design experts use creative methods such as gamification and multimedia enhancement to improve comprehension and retention. Once we finalize the design, we'll write your content, too. From style guides and glossaries to video scripts and UX copy, our talented linguists will bring your course to life.

Multimedia Creation

Studies have shown that, compared to traditional instruction, materials enhanced with audio and video components elicit a higher emotional response, retain attention, and increase comprehension among learners. Our talented multimedia teams equip your audience with professional voiceover, dubbing, captions, subtitles, videography, animation, and virtual/augmented reality simulations to improve their learning experience. With full-service, state-of-the-art studio capabilities, we handle every facet of video creation, audio engineering, and post-production to help your learners visualize information better and retain it longer.

Application and Website Design

Stellar curriculum is worth nothing if it isn't functional. Your educational content needs a custom-built home to fit your course, functionally and aesthetically. We'll help you program your software, integrate necessary technologies, and create a platform for your learners to seamlessly interact with your course. Our experts will ensure your website or application is intuitive, well-structured, and built to make your courseware shine. 

Translation and Localization

More companies than ever are taking their business global. Our eLearning translation and localization services make it easy to transcend borders. Whether as a standalone or part of an integrated production process, our multilingual solutions give every learner an experience made with them in mind. From graphics, text, and colors to audio, video, and informational architecture, we ensure that every element of your courseware is accurate, brand-aligned, engaging, and culturally relevant, no matter the language.

Hosting & Live Maintenance

Your finished courseware needs a home – and we can offer one. With a robust infrastructure and a cadre of technology experts, we're able to configure your LMS to host your content, perform regular maintenance, administer user support, and provide regular user activity reports. We can also assist with flash to HTML5 conversion.

Instructional Design: 3 Key Steps to a Successful eLearning Course

Course design is complicated. Finding the right combination of strategy, flow, medium, and platform takes years of expertise and a deep understanding of the educational process. Find out how Lionbridge creates courses that retain attention, boost comprehension, and reduce time to competence.

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