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From consumer electronics and information technology to software development and chip engineering, Lionbridge understands the obstacles that technology companies face when breaking into foreign markets.

As an offshoot of your development team, we handle localization for your apps, software, websites, technical documents, packaging, customer support resources, and marketing materials. Our engine-agnostic Machine Translation (MT) process and Large Language Model (LLM) assisted post-editing workflow deliver high-quality translations at cost and scale so you can focus on innovation.


See our GenAI Technology In Use

Learn how Lionbridge’s cutting-edge AI services helped a global tech giant usher in a new era of accessibility in consumer electronics.

Amazon Web Services Case Study

Lionbridge enabled Amazon Web Services to serve a global, multilingual user base more effectively. Read the case study to learn more about our centralized localization staffing solution.

Technology Industry Translation Services

Software and Application Localization

The dynamic nature of software and applications can make them difficult to translate. Our expert project managers and cutting-edge methodology reduce turnaround times, cut costs, and improve the quality of your multilingual apps and software while satisfying modern DevOps requirements.

We localize and validate all enterprise software programs, including:

  • ERP
  • CRM
  • Supply chain systems
  • Ecommerce solutions
  • CAD
  • eLearning
  • Office automation

Translation for Computer Hardware and Chip Manufacturing

Hardware translation is crucial for ensuring users worldwide can understand and operate their devices effectively. It requires knowledge of both language and technical concepts, as well as a deep understanding of user experience. Our linguists have decades of experience in the technology sector and are well-equipped to transform your text elements, diagrams, interfaces, and other materials with precision and speed.

We localize a wide variety of documents, including:

  • Semiconductors
  • Operation & Installation manuals
  • Technical training manuals
  • Part Catalogs
  • Technology patents
  • Installation instructions
  • Service manuals
  • Maintenance documents
  • Contract agreements
  • Data sheets
  • CAD File translation
  • RFP responses

Training for Artificial Intelligence

Lionbridge is uniquely qualified to support Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning with more than 25 years leading the localization and AI training industries. We have become a go-to resource for hyper-scale technology providers in training their Large Language Models at the heart of Generative AI solutions.

We perform an array of AI services, including:

  • Data Annotation
  • Content Validation
  • Prompt Engineering
  • Prompt Creation
  • Offensive Content Detection
  • Image Validation
  • Computational Data & Validation

Mobile and Consumer Electronics Localization

Customers and retailers need to know how to operate your products. Optimize performance, keep end users safe, and ensure a seamless user experience by providing stellar support in over 380 languages. From manual translation and customer support solutioning to packaging and website localization, we'll bridge cultural and language barriers to make sure your customers get the help they need when they need it.

We localize a wide variety of documents, including:

  • Packaging localization
  • ECommerce website localization
  • Product catalog translation
  • User manual, troubleshooting guide, FAQ, and help page translation
  • AI chatbot & live MT solutioning
  • Over-the-phone Interpretation
  • Marketing content management and translation

Enabling Global Customer Experience: Lionbridge and Lenovo

Lionbridge partnered with Lenovo to provide local insight on what users are doing, which devices they’re using, and which experiences they prioritize so Lenovo could bring value to their customers beyond just hardware. See how we help craft relevant, consistent customer experiences across the globe.

Technology Translation Services FAQs

Lionbridge’s dedication and commitment to achieving Canon’s sometimes extremely challenging deadlines has been exemplary.

Digital Systems & Publishing Manager, Canon

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