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Communication and Testing Services for Global Technology Companies

We help you make the world a more connected place.

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80% of the world’s top tech companies trust us to be their partner.

We prepare you for the linguistic and cultural challenges of entering—and winning—new markets.

Communication barriers in foreign markets present one of the biggest obstacles in selling and providing tech services globally. That’s why global technology leaders rely on our proven processes and customized programs that help you increase your market reach, establish your global identity, and convert prospects into loyal customers.


Our Technology Customers



Enabling Global Customer Experience: Lionbridge and Lenovo

How Lenovo relies on Lionbridge to craft a relevant, consistent experience for customers from country to country.

Lionbridge partnered with Lenovo to provide local insight on what users are doing, which devices they’re using, and which experiences they prioritize, so Lenovo could bring value to the customer beyond the hardware.


Technology Services

Adapting to languages, regional differences, and technology requirements demands rigor and expertise.

Successful expansion in both new and existing markets depends on resonating quickly with buyers. Learn how we can help you have fast, high-quality impact.



Technical Writing

We create your traditional printed technical documentation, online help, web content, ecommerce, and next-generation solutions like augmented reality, making quality multilingual communication accessible.


eLearning and Training

We get your employees excited about your corporate training, with elearning training activities designed for interactivity. Our corporate elearning training platform keeps your company ahead of the curve, so you can keep your employees engaged and your customers happy.


CAD and 3D Modeling and Media

Our experts use best-in-class CAD and 3D Modeling software to create detailed renderings that demonstrate how your product works, so your customers can understand how to assemble, repair, and use the tools you’ve created for them.


Financial Reports

Exemplary financial reports require the combination of superior writing skills and incomparable business acumen. When you need to draft an annual report, quarterly report, or financial report, you can count on Lionbridge to quickly, securely deliver the nuance of native speakers and the accuracy and consistency of finance experts.


Marketing Materials

From digital and traditional discretionary marketing collateral to sales aids, and pitch books, product fact sheets, and email campaigns, we help you target key stakeholders in the markets that matter most.



Digital Content

A successful website, app, and digital content strategy takes more than pleasing images and an attractive layout. Keep your visitors coming back for more with an appealing design and highly readable text, no matter how complicated your business.


Clinical Trial Manuals

We support all phases of your clinical trial, including creating specialty content for the important participants your sponsors enroll. Let your clinical trial managers worry about running a smooth operation; our regulatory professionals ensure your clinical trial manuals are accurate and understandable in all necessary languages.


Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI)

Our expert linguists in 350+ languages bridge language gaps, enabling effective multilingual communication and better customer experiences. OPI makes your interactions faster and more efficient, using less of your customer service representatives’ valuable time and yielding better CX at a lower cost.


Real-time chat

We provide real-time translation for digital channels, adding multilingual capabilities to your existing chat, ticketing, email, forum, knowledge base, and catalogue solutions with our AI-powered technology.



Our proofreading services give you peace of mind when producing, translating, and disseminating your documents.


Linguistic Editing

Once your document has been translated, you may want validation that your translation matches the quality of your original work. Our linguistic editing services ensure your message is error-free and culturally accurate in every market.


Linguistic Testing

Ensure your content is free of linguistic errors, replete with accurate meanings and styles, and indicative of your brand voice with our linguistic testing services.


Multilingual Digital Campaigns

Our global digital marketing services team collaborates closely with you and offers the language, cultural, and technical expertise you need to stay relevant with your global audiences, meet your marketing goals, and keep your costs and schedules in check.


Multilingual Website Optimization

Let Lionbridge help you centralize your digital services and seamlessly create a unified, highly resonant customer experience worldwide. From multilingual website design to international SEO, we help you maximize message resonance and response across buyers, languages, and cultures.


Visual Adaptation

When you’re creating a truly global campaign, you need to make sure every element of your message—from text to imagery to video—resonates with customers in every location. We can help.


Community Support

We make sure you stay connected with your community of users, so you can answer their questions quickly and solve their problems effectively.



Access the existing quality process and understand the current quality process flow, so you can assess and improve the maturity of the test processes within your organization.


Process Consulting

Use the outcome of your test maturity assessment to define the Test Maturity Model (TMM) process and meet your quality targets.


Functional Testing

When you launch your products and services in new markets, you need to ensure they are as awesome in the new market as they are in your home market. Verify that software and hardware products meet all functional requirement specifications, with the manual, automated, black box, exploratory, and user acceptance test methodologies available in our Functional Testing frameworks.



Get your software to market faster with Lionbridge’s UAT (User Acceptance Testing) services. Our global team of testers ensures your product works as intended, in every market, every language, and on every device.


UX Testing

Your app, product, or service may be incredible, but that won’t matter if your customers can’t use it easily or enjoyably. Lionbridge UX testing services offer the best UX testing tools to ensure positive interactions with your product by anyone, anywhere.


Global Mobility Testing

Our global network of in-market test engineers test your mobile apps for functionality and compatibility across the “last mile” of local mobile operators, localized mobile devices, and regional payment providers in 80+ countries, so you can ensure a consistent user experience for everyone, in every market.


 Compatibility and Interoperability Testing

Verify and validate your software’s performance on various hardware, operating systems, applications, network environments, and mobile devices—and use this information to interact, exchange data, interoperate, and use data information among software components or systems.


Product Planning

We’ll work with you throughout your entire product process: from ideation through market launch and exist strategy. We identify market requirements and the defining product’s feature set on an ongoing basis, and we manage your product through its lifecycle with continuous product extensions and improvements.


Product Development

From conceptualization to design, development to thorough testing, we help you create the industry-leading products that set you apart, leveraging our agile development capabilities, innovative thinking, and interactive and responsive UI.


QA Testing

Consumers won’t wait around while you fix buggy code. Count on Lionbridge for an end-to-end QA and testing process that’s cost-effective and time-efficient. With our QA Testing Services, we help you go to market faster and reduce your overall risk.



We support enhancements to the applications you create across platforms and domains. Our agile development processes ensure minimal time to market, and our full stack web and mobile development solutions make the process as simple as possible for you.


NLP Components and Grammar Creation

You’ve developed new components to process natural language. We help you broaden coverage with lexicons, morphologies, and full grammars in all the languages you need. That’s our superpower.


Sentiment Analysis and Entity Detection

We’ve done it all—from data annotation to component-building. We can help you understand documents, social media, and customer feedback in your industry, by annotating your data in your context, or creating data for your context.


Feature and component testing

You want to know why your speech and language features aren’t working. We diagnose issue patterns, so you can generalize solutions for your system. Our computational linguists are trained analysts and problem-solvers who address your problems in one language or many.


Chatbot Development

Whether you’re starting from scratch with no data or updating a mature chatbot, we can help: to create patterns to trigger instant answers for common questions, to analyze longer interactions for faster customer service, and to help your chatbot respond in an authentic voice for all your languages and markets.


Social Media Listening

What are end users saying about you on social networks? We find out, so you can ensure the best possible user experience and maintain brand loyalty.


Onsite, Nearsite, Remote, In-Country, Crowd

Our staffing services provide you the experts you need, where you need them: in your offices, in labs we set up to your specifications, or remotely logging into your network.


Computational Linguists

We have experts in natural language processing, with degrees and experience in syntax, morphology, semantics, phonetics, and computer science. We’ll test them for proficiency in languages you work on, as well as languages you work in.



With extensive experience and training in phonetics and phonology, our phoneticians can rapidly transcribe audio, video, or live speech using industry-standard IPA conventions. They’ll also mark items of interest for your algorithms: speakers, change of language, ambient noise types—whatever your recognition engine needs.